An administrative assistant fulfills a variety of clerical duties in a company or institution. This article will walk you through the job’s description, requirements, skills, career path, all them being necessary for the process of discovering what this position entails. Furthermore, this administrative assistant job description also includes a short section about the average salary of an administrative assistant. If you’re considering applying for this position in the future, here’s all you need to know and prepare for, in a nutshell.

Administrative Assistant On the Phone

An administrative assistant is in charge of fulfilling various clerical tasks.

What does an Administrative Assistant Usually Do?

An individual occupying such as position fulfills a series of support and administrative functions under the constant supervision of one or more supervisor.

In addition, some of the duties entailed by this position refer to using specialized computer software in order to conduct research, for creating presentations, organizing documents or preparing materials for presentations.

Furthermore, administrative assistants must manage the manager’s agenda.

Moreover, an administrative assistant is also in charge of clerical duties such as making photocopies of the company’s documents, arranging correspondence, sending e-mails or faxes. In addition, an administrative assistant must ensure that the office is well supplied at all times.

Administrative Assistant Job Description for Resume

These are the daily and weekly tasks awaiting anyone who occupies this position. Depending on the particular place of employment, other specific tasks may be assigned, but even so, they will surely revolve more or less around these.

  • Answering or making phone calls;
  • Sending e-mails/faxes to clients, managers or other members of the staff;
  • Opens and sorts correspondence according to the internal rules of the company;
  • Scans and prints documents on demand;
  • Prepares the documentation needed for a presentation;
  • Arrange and schedule meetings;
  • Takes minutes and short briefing notes during a meeting;
  • Organizes the manager’s calendar;
  • Solves office-related problems;
  • Keeps track of office supply’s inventory and orders additional items if required;
  • Maintains and organizes the electronic filing system;

Administrative Assistant’s Skills, Abilities, and Requirements

These skills and qualities are required from anyone who seeks to do this job.

  • Excellent communication skills;
  • Multi-tasking;
  • Ability to work with strict deadlines and under pressure;
  • Detail-oriented;
  • Well organized;
  • Basic computer skills;
  • Microsoft Office Suite skills;
  • Must prove extensive knowledge of the company’s policies;
  • Capable of solving office-related issues without soliciting assistance;
  • Has a keen capacity to analyze information and synthesize the most relevant bits;

Becoming an Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistants usually only require a certain degree of on-the-job training. However, there are some areas where individuals that apply for this position also require formal training.

Furthermore, as far as the administrative assistant job description is concerned, an on-the-job training course will suffice for an AA working in an office, but a medical administrative assistant or a legal AA will require additional specialized training.

Administrative Assistant Job Experience

You don’t need any previous experience in the field. However, if you have previously occupied this position elsewhere, you will have a slightly higher chance of being employed than an entry-level candidate.

Still, this does not mean that entry-level candidates do not have the chance of securing such a position in a high-paying company.

In addition, any previous studies that you have will certainly give you an edge over other candidates.

Education Requirements

The administrative assistant job description clearly dictates that the candidate must have a GED, in order to occupy this position.

Generally speaking, more and more employers are looking for individuals with college studies. Naturally, those with a 2-year vocational diploma in administrative assistance will have better odds at securing an AA position.

Career Path for Administrative Assistants

Whereas the career path is concerned, according to the standard administrative assistant job description, a diligent individual can be promoted to take care of more advanced administrative functions. Thus, the career trajectory can be resumed as follows:

  • Entry-level AA;
  • Senior AA;
  • Administrative manager;
  • Operation’s Manager;
  • Manager;

Keep in mind that the career ladder doesn’t end here. Furthermore, those who have proven a greater knowledge of the company’s operations can occupy a position with more seniority such as regional managers or even vice-presidents.

What is the Average Salary for an Administrative Assistant?

An entry-level administrative assistant earns around $13 per hour, while senior and executive assistants can earn as much as $30 per hour.

In addition, if you wish to find out more about the average salary of an administrative assistant for a specific area or industry, then here is BLS’s national appraisal. Good luck with your applications!

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