The retail industry employs roughly 16 million workers in all kinds of roles and has been notorious for entry-level positions requiring little education or experience. For people who are motivated and willing to learn new skills, retail’s reputation as a low-paying industry doesn’t need to stop them from obtaining a good paying retail job. This article explores 10 of the best paying retail jobs that are both satisfying and financially rewarding. They are listed from lowest to highest, with a brief description of the position, along with a short list of expected responsibilities for each category.

10. Marketing Coordinator

Marketing coordinators are creative types who develop various marketing campaigns for their companies. These may range from social media, television ads, mailings, and more. A marketing coordinator should be good at coming up with and implementing new ideas. This position offers a wide variety of tasks for people who like to work in a lot of projects at once.

What does a Marketing Coordinator do: The marketing coordinator has to research and report the marketing data to management. As well as create the materials used for advertising, marketing, and correspondence. They will be supporting day-to-day operations such as maintaining social media pages and websites, as well as arranging promotional events.

What is the annual salary for a Marketing Coordinator: A marketing coordinator’s salary is of $17.78 per hour and can be up to $41,962 per year.

9. Management Trainee

The retail management trainee is the next step up from a department manager. This is one of the best paying retail jobs which is actually a learning role. This individual has the primary responsibility of participating in training for the role of store manager. As this is a learning position this professional must have the ability to pay attention to details and remember information, as well as try new things. As well as to prepare to make decisions for the management of employees and overall operations.

What does a Management Trainee do: The management trainee will be developing leadership skills within the company and displaying company standards and ethics in all of their interactions. They will be meeting specific sales and customer service goals while learning the new skills necessary to move into a managerial position.

What is the annual salary for a Management Trainee: The trainee for the manager position makes $42,085 per year, while the hourly pay stands at $14.01.

8. Department Manager

The retail department manager must have good organizational skills and be able to multitask. The professional with this job position is responsible for carrying out the day-to-day activities of their assigned department. Retail hours can be long and varied, so they should possess a high degree of flexibility for this to be a good fit.

What does a Department Manager do: A department manager will be managing daily retail operations and staff. As well as scheduling and monitoring employee performance. They will be managing, tracking, and stocking inventory, as well as helping to train and develop staff.

What is the annual salary for a Department Manager: The department manager salary in the retail industry stands at $43,589 per year according to Payscale, while the median pay per hour is of $14.73.

7. Logistics Coordinator

In retail, logistics coordinators are typically responsible for moving products and inventory from one place to another by understanding all of the ins and outs of shipping and receiving. Being a logistics coordinator is definitely one of the best paying retail jobs to have. They absolutely must have good communication skills because their primary task is to interact with suppliers and buyers. The position requires someone who is highly analytical, good at problem-solving, and already has some experience in logistics.

What does a Logistics Coordinator do: This professional will be coordinating and communicating with all involved parties to ensure the smooth delivery of shipments. They also will be ensuring that the company is complying with all legal regulations involving state, national, and international commerce. Additionally, they are responsible for knowing the optimal shipping times and options and arranging changes in the process when necessary.

What is the annual salary for a Logistics Coordinator: This job gets paid $43,688 per year, as per Payscale, with an hourly salary of $17.06.

6. Store Manager

The retail store manager is in charge of operations and employees at the store level. In larger establishments, they usually oversee these responsibilities with the help of department managers that report to them. Typically, they are responsible for making sure everything is run with precision. They ensure that accounts are balanced and banking is handled on a daily basis. Moreover, solid people skills are a must to succeed in this job. If interested in this position, you can check out our jewelry store manager job description.

What does a Store Manager do: The store manager will be managing all of the day-to-day retail operations of the store and overseeing the training, hiring and dismissing of staff. They will be handling customer complaints and reaching positive outcomes, as well as taking care of daily accounting tasks.

What is the annual salary for a Store Manager: The annual store manager salary stands at $45,662, with an hourly pay of $14.70.

5. IT Coordinator

The IT coordinator is also another one of the best paying retail jobs. They are responsible for all of the company’s technology, including computers and point of sale equipment. They must be highly trained to work in various departments to set up and teach other employees how to use the software and technology within the operation. A primary part of the job is assisting with computer problems or system glitches, so this position requires an individual with unlimited patience.

What does an IT Coordinator do: The IT coordinator will be managing and maintaining all of the computer networks and databases within the company. And will also need the necessary skills to teach others how to utilize them. In addition, they are responsible for diagnosing and repairing hardware or software.

What is the annual salary for an IT Coordinator: The salary for this job stays at $49,603 per year and $19.18 per hour.

4. Retail Buyer

Retail buyers are also known as purchasing agents and they are primarily responsible for knowing what products are necessary. Buyers work both online and on the phone and often travel to other venues in person to inspect products or choose new features. This position is one that works out for someone who enjoys travel.

What does a Retail Buyer do: The retail buyer is responsible for finding suppliers, selecting merchandise and negotiating payments. They will be inspecting product deliveries for proper handling and quality control. As well as ensuring that product orders are delivered in a timely manner. They also handle billing and shipping problems with the logistics department.

What is the annual salary for a Retail Buyer: A retail buyer makes $51,049 per year, while the hourly pay is of $16.18.

3. Online Marketing Manager

Next on our best paying retail jobs list, we have the online marketing manager job. These professionals help by examining the goods offered by a retail store and developing the best way to obtain and sell them. They may work to help establish new vendor or manufacturer relationships or analyze trends that are no longer working. Online merchandisers analyze data continuously in order to refine merchandising approaches to maximize company profit.

What does an Online Marketing Manager do: The marketing manager helps build brand awareness and new product lines. They will make sure the company has the correct amount of product necessary for the upcoming selling season and work with vendors to identify new products. They collaborate with other departments to identify new marketing opportunities. As well as analyze site metrics and all related data and be able to report on it.

What is the annual salary for an Online Marketing Manager: This professional wins $62,364 per year, and $18.10 per hour.

2. Human Resources Manager

A human resources (HR) manager oversees procedures and policies for employees within their organizations. They make sure that activities are in compliance with local, state and federal laws. Also, they create and oversee programs related to employee benefits and insurance programs. They often handle matters like sick leave, retirement, and other employee concerns.

What does a Human Resources Manager do: The human resources manager is responsible for coaching managers on policies and employee issues. As well as ensuring that policies and procedures are administered and aligned with company goals. They handle planning and coordination of all recruitment compensation, benefits, and training of the employees within the organization.

What is the annual salary for a Human Resources Manager: The pay per year for this professional stands at $64,454, while the hourly pay is of $19.79.

1. District Manager

Retail district managers make sure that the stores they are in charge of run smoothly and meet established financial goals. They communicate with managers within their district and report back to the corporate office on sales, product, and inventory management. They usually train the store managers within their district and they may also work with HR in the hiring or firing process of store managers.

What does a District Manager do: The district manager has the task of monitoring sales and operations at all of the retail stores within their districts to ensure that their stores are profiting. They are responsible for all of the hiring and training of the store managers in their areas. They also will be managing inventories at each of their stores

What is the annual salary for a District Manager: The salary for this job is of $71,891 per year, while the hourly pay stands at $17.52.


As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities for making a decent living by working in retail if you find a niche and seize every opportunity. Moving up the ladder in retail is one of the easiest ways to ensure continued salary growth and learn new skills. With so many retail chains in existence, the possibilities for carving out a satisfying career with some of the best paying retail jobs is unlimited. Please feel free to leave a comment and let us know what you think of these opportunities.