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The call center job description can help you better understand what duties and responsibilities are associated with such a job. A call center agent or representative usually performs the same tasks having to deal with inbound and outbound calls, but some policies differ depending on the company.

Most tasks and skills required are usually the same regardless of the company and as a call center agent, you will have to answer different inquiries and questions and solve the client’s requests or problems. You may also have to do basic troubleshooting and handle complaints in a professional manner.

What Does a Call Center Agent Do?

The call center job description usually refers to two types of call center agents; the inbound and the outbound ones. The outbound call center agent has to initiate calls to existing customers and to search for prospective ones as well. This kind of job requires some marketing and sales skills and a lot of research to find the most suitable clients for a particular company, business or employer.

The inbound call center agent has to take calls from clients and possibly also answer emails. These agents usually talk with existing customers, but sometimes even prospective customers call in order to find out more about a specific product or service. Therefore, inbound call center representatives must have a good knowledge of the products and services; have a personalized sales pitch, offer technical support, and deliver information and solutions in a professional manner.

Call Center Job Description for Resume – Responsibilities

  • Process inquiries, orders, forms.
  • Answer calls and emails, and call existing clients and prospective ones.
  • Handle and solve clients’ complaints and requests.
  • Record and document the calls using the internal software programs and following the company’s guidelines.
  • Transfer calls to appropriate departments based on the client’s needs, and escalate calls when the situation requires such action to be taken.
  • Call customers back depending on the context (caller hung up or requested to be called back at a specific hour).
  • Register a new customer in the company’s system, update customer information in the company’s database, and make changes to subscriptions and accounts depending on the client’s requirements.
  • Do basic troubleshooting, depending on what problems the client is experiencing, research required information using the company’s software and other tools available, and provide customers with accurate information to answer their questions.
  • Handle many calls in a timely fashion, and follow scripts in order to facilitate the communication flow.
  • Upsell products when given the opportunity to do so.

Call Center Agent Job Required Skills

Interpersonal skills. This professional must have excellent communication skills, active listening, and soft skills. He must prove verbal and written communication skills. Also, understanding and handling different personality types over the phone is important.

Sales Skills. A call center agent needs an in-depth knowledge of the products and services offered by the company. Persuasion skills are also necessary, as well as the capacity to overcome objections easily.

Multitasking Skills. This professional must have a high multi tasking capacity, and be able to meet tight deadlines and at the same time handle stress well. He must also possess problem-solving and analytical skills, and be able to prioritize and manage time in an efficient manner.

Observational skills. The person with the call center job description must have observational skills and a very good attention to details in order to properly perform the job. He must also be able to adapt to new programs and new policies.

How to Become a Call Center Agent

The call center job description focuses on the daily tasks and activities that a call center agent has to perform. In order to become a call center agent, you need to have a high school diploma or equivalent. Other skills and abilities might come in handy when it comes to this job position, but most companies offer training in order to sharpen the skills required for this job.

Education & Training Requirements

Companies and employers ask that a person who applies for a call center representative position has to have at least a GED or a high school diploma. Your English (both written and oral skills) should also be fluent when applying for this job. In order to ensure that the company’s profits go up, all call center agents have to deliver solutions in an accurate and fast manner while meeting the company’s guidelines. Some companies might ask the call center agents to use a script to make the conversation flow seem more natural.

You will need to learn how to handle stressful and difficult situations and to have good typing skills. An analytical and problem-solving mind will also be of use in this field. You will also learn how to handle relevant computer applications and understand how call center systems function. A marketing and sales background is optional but definitely welcome. Communication, negotiation, and language skills are also preferred. Becoming a call center agent requires determination, ambition, adaptability, tenacity and a certain degree of persuasiveness.

Work Experience

Most companies and employers don’t require previous work experience, but this is a very competitive field so you can replace your lack of experience by advertising your skills and abilities in a well-written resume. A great resume will easily highlight the relevant skills and abilities required for a position in a call center agency, making an employer want to call you up for an interview.

You can also have a look at the call center job description when writing your resume to point out the essential abilities required for this job. Make sure to add a cover letter because it makes a great first impression with your employer.

Work Schedules

A call center agent can work 35 hours to 37.5 hours, or 40 hours a week. They can have an 8 to 9 working schedule, in shifts. Or sometimes even weekends and/or nighttime schedule, depending on the company and the project. There is also the choice of overtime for extra pay, or when a certain project requires it.

Career Prospects

The call center job description could eventually lead to a higher position like the one of a team leader, manager, operations manager, project manager or trainer. You can also take the administrative path and be a marketing specialist or a worker in the Human Resources department.

If you plan to advance in this work field you need to have outstanding results as a call center agent. You also need to be a university graduate if you want to be a team leader. You will need a Master Degree in any Management field if you want to become a manager. Great marketing skills are also preferred for higher call center job positions.

A call center agent can roughly get $12.39 per hour in the U.S., meaning about $30,053 per year, according to Payscale. The average amount of money varies depending on one’s work experience, location, and the company. The best-paid call center agent jobs are the ones related to sales, due to the fact that they get, most of the times, a bonus from their sales.


Our detailed information on the call center job description is sure to help anyone who is looking for a job in customer service. This professional needs to possess a certain set of skills in order to fulfill the job and perform its respective duties. The growth of this job is estimated to go up by 10% (Faster than average) by the year 2024, as reported by the Bureau of Labour Statistics.

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