This forklift operator job description is an essential guide filled with relevant information regarding the job requirements. It also includes the set of skills you need to have in mind when applying for this job.

The job experience, career path, the responsibilities and abilities that are desired in this work field are also mentioned in this concise forklift operator job description.

What Does a Forklift Operator Do?

The main job responsibility that a forklift operator has is to operate different kinds of vehicles. These are usually a forklift or a fork truck.

The forklift operator job description also mentions that other job-related duties include keeping the workplace areas clean and making sure the staff is safe from harm by respecting all the safety precautions and procedures.

Any forklift operator has to load and unload trucks, store merchandise, and products in an organized manner while also using  the inventory system that is typical for the respective company.

A forklift operator will also have to lift heavy objects and carry them to different points of the warehouse, depending on the work schedule and the manager’s requests.

forklift operator doing his job

Forklift Operator Job Description 

  • Adhere to the company’s safety policies and procedures
  • Wear adequate equipment at all times with no exception to the rule
  • Use the forklift operator and pallet jack on a daily basis
  • Know how to handle different industrial vehicles
  • Use warehouse software on a regular basis
  • Be in charge of shipping order spreadsheets
  • Double check delivery documents to see if the information is accurate or not
  • Always perform maintenance and routine check on all equipment used
  • Clean the workplace and keep the merchandise stored in accordance with the regulations
  • Adhere to the company’s quality standards at all times
  • Sit in the truck or any other vehicle for prolonged periods of time

Forklift Operator’s Skills, Abilities, and Requirements

  • Have great physical condition required to lift heavy objects and work prolonged hours
  • Possess basic numerical and computer skills to handle software and shipment details
  • Have a clean driving record and valid driver’s license
  • Know how to follow warehouse instructions
  • Learn to adjust body position without straining or harming the muscles, spine and bones
  • Meet tight deadlines in a professional manner
  • Have a valid CDL certification and high school diploma
  • Pass all the required medical exams
  • Complete all physical tasks and activities in an accurate manner
  • Load and unload merchandise by hands (when the forklift doesn’t work)

Becoming a Forklift Operator

Things are pretty straight-forward when it comes to becoming a forklift operator. You have to see if you have what it takes to be the right person for the job. The forklift operator job description covers the skills, requirements, and education background, so it helps you find out more about what this job implies and if you match the job description or not.

Check out the following sections to assess if the job experience, career path, and education requirements align with your needs.

Forklift Operator Job Experience

Like in any hiring process, it is a plus to have related work experience. However, even if you have little to no job experience, you still have a chance to get the job. Your set of skills is more relevant to the employer who is looking for a forklift operator.

It is more important to have the skills that are mentioned in the forklift operator job description. However, any company offers extensive training in accordance with the current rules and regulations, so you don’t have to worry if you are a beginner.

The forklift job experience is built in time, after you learn the necessary safety precautions and procedures. Another important element is passing the medical examination that proves you are fit both physically and psychologically to handle this job.

Education Requirements

Having a high school diploma or an equivalent is mandatory. Other certifications are also a plus. In addition, there are plenty of workshops focused on teaching you how to lift heavy items without straining your body.

You will take several tests, so that the trainers can assess if you are the right person for the job or not. A CDL certification and a valid driver’s license are also mandatory; especially if you want to work for the big companies.

Career Path for Forklift Operators

The forklift operator job description is the starting point for anyone who aspires to have a career in this field. Forklift operators can end up training newly hired staff to manage their job attributions better. A forklift operator will advance to warehouse assistant and then to warehouse manager. Those who prove their abilities can even be in charge of shipping details.

A bachelor’s degree also helps tremendously especially if you want to obtain a higher hierarchical job position.

What Is the Average Forklift Operator Salary?

The average salary of a forklift operator is $12.89 per hour. There isn’t a relevant rise in one’s salary even if the job experience spans more than 4-5 years working in the field.

The average salary fluctuates a bit depending on the state, too. For more information regarding a particular state and the average salary of a forklift operator, the work experience, and job titles, access the link above.

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