A marketing manager job description shows that they have significant responsibility for establishing the direction and resulting success or failure of marketing decisions that a company makes. They must be able to lead a staff of marketing and advertising professionals and assign tasks in a way that gets projects or tasks done well. Conducting research and preparing reports to share with others in the company is a very important part of their job.

As these professionals are in a managerial role, they are expected to have the right level of experience before stepping into this role. Learn about the other components that make up the job of marketing manager such as the regular responsibilities, essential skills, required education, and the work environment and the job outlook.

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What Do Marketing Managers Do?

A marketing manager job description shows that they will create targeted approaches to generate interest in products that the company offers. They are responsible for collaborating with a team of managers or leaders to develop a systematic approach to successful implementation of business strategies. In addition, these professionals need to conduct research to analyze the demand for products and adjust marketing strategies based on results.

The required education is a bachelor’s degree in marketing or a related field. The median salary for these professionals is $128,750 dollars. Extra hours are the norm for these professionals.

Marketing Manager Job Description for Resume – Responsibilities

A marketing managers job description will require responsibilities that detail responsibilities such as making executive strategic marketing decisions and conducting research to assess the effectiveness of marketing.

  • Plan and enact campaigns around product releases or promotions to attract attention.
  • Decide on which media to advertise, when to advertise in that media, and how to advertise in that media for different products.
  • Collect data such as Google analytics, interviews, surveys, or focus groups to conduct market research and use this data to improve future marketing strategies.
  • Manage the marketing staff and assign tasks as seen fit.
  • Work with other departments on the budget and contracts for marketing or other advertising.
  • Talk to the media such as radio stations or TV interviews to spread awareness of products or campaigns.
  • Work with the information technology staff to conduct user design studies to assess how users respond to online marketing designs.
  • Engage in marketing consulting and present at national, state, and local marketing conferences or trade shows.

Marketing Manager Required Skills

Project Management skills. Marketing managers will be in charge of multiple projects all with different goals, timelines, and team composition. Therefore, project management is an essential skill to making sure that projects get completed and that the team working on the project has clear goals, defined roles, and tangible outcomes.
System dynamics skills. All systems are interconnected to other systems at larger and smaller levels. Within one system, there are different areas that overlap and affect other areas. Marketing is but one subset of a business and parts of marketing like social media or customer connection are but one subset of marketing. A marketing manager who can see the whole picture will make better decisions.
Talent Management skills. In the marketing management role, these professionals are expected to manage a marketing team and identify talent on the team. This requires skill in knowing who should work on which tasks and how potential teams will work together. Spotting the right talent for a job and making sure employee strengths are maximized will be a benefit to the company.
Creative Thinking skills. Marketing managers must be creative people. They are expected to come with appealing designs, catchy slogans, and engaging pieces to connect people with a product or brand. Creating memorable titles, slogans, and ads that create memories of the product for people while clearly explaining what the product is are two very important parts of creative writing skills.

How to Become a Marketing Manager

Marketing managers are required to have their bachelor’s degree with coursework in business, finance, sales, advertising, and statistics. Education is not enough for this position. Employers also expect someone with a high level of experience in a management role. You can look here at other high paying jobs that require a bachelor’s degree.

It is not normal for a marketing manager to have their own business. They are part of the larger business structure. However, a marketing manager who opens up their own business will have an advantage in knowing how to market that business to help it grow.

Education & Training Requirements

Marketing managers are required to have their bachelor’s degree in a field similar to marketing or public relations. Savvy students will minor or have a secondary focus on information technology due to the synchronicity between businesses and online marketing.
These professionals can make themselves more marketable by pursuing a graduate degree or gaining a certificate in Certified Marketing Executive. This certificate is issued by the Sales & Marketing Executives International, Inc. and is valid in international contexts.

Work Experience

It is preferable that candidates for a marketing manager position have prior experience in marketing, sales, or public relations. Some job postings will require several years of prior experience while other postings will require fewer years.

Students who are interested in becoming a marketing manager can do a couple of things while they are in school to show their proactive learning attitude. The first is to gain an internship in marketing while they are in school. The second is to work for a business in their marketing department to gain valuable on the job experience while they are completing their degree.

Work Schedules

It is very normal for marketing managers to work more than 40 hours a week. This is especially true when a business is getting ready to launch a new product and wants to gain public awareness in advance of the launch.

It is essential that marketing managers have boundaries in their schedule to make sure that they budget time for continuing professional development and not get bogged down by emails or meetings. When looking at the daily schedule of a marketing manager, they start work at 9:00 AM and check their emails first thing in the morning. They then may check Google Analytics or prepare for marketing presentations. The rest of the day is spent working on projects and creating marketing products. One thing that is clear is that the day does not end at 5 PM. Checking email at night is expected as is continuing to expand your professional skills.

Career Prospects

In 2014 there were approximately 194,000 marketing manager positions. These professionals will experience a 9% growth in their field through 2024. Marketing managers are considered essential to maintaining and growing a business’s client base. A marketing manager is extremely valuable to a company and will be less likely to be laid off during company reductions.

Marketing managers can expect a salary range from $66,090 to $187,200 with $128,750 being the median salary. The industries that pay the highest median wage are securities and commodity exchanges, oil extraction, and financial investment firms. The industries that higher the most marketing managers are enterprise management, computer systems design, insurance carriers, and public relations services.


The marketing manager job description shows that they have a high-stress job and a lot of responsibility for a company. They must make sure that the money spent on marketing strategies has a good return investment. Managing a team and conducting research on the marketing strategies are the two more important parts of the job.