A massage therapist relieves pain with the help of different massage techniques. The massage therapist job description implies talking to clients about their medical history. As well as requesting a detailed account of the symptoms they are experiencing to understand which measures need to be taken.

Massage therapy often means that the massage therapist has to evaluate clients in order to find tense and painful areas of the body and understand the client’s condition better. This professional has to offer guidance to his or her clients regarding overall relaxation, meditation, stretching and muscle strengthening techniques. They also must offer recommendations for leading a healthy, active life in general.

What Does a Massage Therapist Do?

A massage therapist’s job is quite demanding and intricate. This professional has to set an example by leading a healthy life since they promote general wellness on a daily basis in their work field. They also have to constantly be up to date with the latest massage techniques and modalities (different types of massage).

The massage therapist job description also includes treating clients’ injuries with hands, fingers, elbows, forearms and even feet depending on the gravity of the case. Keep in mind that the best treatments are the personalized ones, depending on each individual case.

massage therapist job description

Massage Therapist Job Description for Resume – Responsibilities

  • Manipulate the soft tissues of the body and give advice on different wellness issues.
  • Handle clients’ injuries using different massage techniques to relieve pain.
  • Rehabilitate different types of injuries and improve circulation.
  • Create a relaxing atmosphere and help relieve stress.
  • Identify symptoms and the right type of massage to meet the client’s needs.
  • Talk with the client about his or her medical history.
  • In-depth knowledge of the muscles, soft tissues of the body, bones, stretching and strengthening techniques, relaxation techniques, posture.
  • Ability to document the client’s illness, injury or condition, and progress.
  • Capacity to estimate how long a massage session can last depending on the client’s needs.
  • Come up with personalized treatment plans based on client’s medical history and information.
  • Experienced in different massage modalities and ability to locate tense or painful areas of the body.

Massage Therapist Job Essential Skills

Interpersonal Skills. This professional must have excellent communication, active listening, and soft skills. He must be friendly, polite, and must have a professional attitude towards clients.

Field Knowledge. In-depth knowledge of different massage modalities is necessary for this job. It is also important to have the capacity to adhere to different rules and procedures typical for the job.

Marketing skills. The massage therapist job description entails having the capacity to promote the health benefits of massage therapy. As well as the ability to build a strong client base. Also, this professional has to promote and sell different products and services that are job-related.

Observational skills. The massage therapist must possess the capacity to identify what ails their client and focus on that. They also, as well as to track the client’s progress.

How to become a Massage Therapist Professional

The most important requirement is to get a certificate or a diploma in massage therapy. The rest of the certifications are optional, but they are certainly welcome. The main certification is quite complex and this professional will be spending many hours studying the theoretical approaches then applying them during clinical work. These certifications include the training program and it will help the future massage therapist understand the job and practice different modalities better.

Education & Training Requirements

Employers and companies usually expect any person who applies for the massage therapist position to have at least a high school diploma or a GED. Also mandatory is a diploma or a certificate in massage therapy. One can easily build a career in massage therapy if their certification is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB).

While the certificate in massage therapy is vital, other awards and certifications will certainly help establish the person as a professional in this field. Those certifications can be related to fitness, there will be some fitness coaching involved in this field; and a psychological certification regarding different relaxation and breathing techniques. The last one is necessary because clients might need to learn how to handle stressful situations and release stress and tension.

Work Experience

Although some clients and companies don’t require previous work experience, this is a very competitive work field; therefore, some experience with different massage techniques is necessary. Having a well-written resume and an impeccable cover letter, as well as optional certifications, will raise the chances for this professional to get a job.

But even if there is no past work experience, the future employer will still need to test the candidate’s skills. So, if the person is great at what they do, they don’t have to worry about a single thing. Therefore, the resume should highlight the professional’s skills, abilities, and requirements, listed above in our massage therapist job description.

Work Schedules

The massage therapist can be either the member of a professional organization or a sole practitioner. This professional can work up to 18 hours a week providing massage, excluding the time he might spend on other tasks, like bookkeeping, maintaining equipment, billing insurance, scheduling, supplies, marketing, and so on. Providing massage therapy can happen either at the professional’s or client’s office, home of the client, a health club, a spa or salon.

Career Prospects

A job as a massage therapist offers some fine choices from working in a spa or salon to being a self-employed massage therapist. If interested in being a sole practitioner or a self-employed massage therapist this professional will need to have some financial, marketing and management skills. Working in the sports or fitness fields are also a good option since sports injuries and tensed muscles are common problems for athletes in general. This professional has the option of choosing their career path based on their interests, qualifications, and skills.

The location is the main factor that influences the massage therapist job salary since every country and state have different rules and policies. In the United States, the median massage therapist salary is of $30,517 per year, with an hourly pay of $19.48. Techniques and skills related to pain management, medical massage, and myofascial release are the ones with the higher pay.


The massage therapist job implies endurance and versatility since the specialist uses different areas of expertise from anatomy to biology; physical education; physiology and even some psychological techniques meant to relax the client. This professional needs to have a good training or at least a great love for the job in order to be able to handle all the techniques. Another job that deals with wellness and is closely focused on the client’s needs is that of the personal trainer.