When it comes to finding the right job, you want to pick something that you are good at and that you want to do for the vast majority of your life. If you are good with people and a natural leader, you might consider becoming a sales manager. To help you make this decision, you should check out the sales manager job description to get a better idea of what this career entails.

What Is a Sales Manager?

Sales managers play an important role at the company they work for. They are in charge of helping the company make money as well as develop and encourage high performance sales teams. They lead these teams so that they can generate and hit revenue forecasts as well as meet customer needs.

If you are a good sales manager, you can drastically improve the quality of employees working for you. You have the skills and ability to encourage them to be the best they can be and to take care of the customers. When this happens, it can lead to more sales and the company making more money. In essence, when looking at the sales manager job description, you will be responsible for doing at least three things. These include:

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Improving Employee Performance

As a sales manager, you are the leader of the sales team. You will be responsible for motivating and advising the other sales professionals so that they can perform their jobs and duties to the best of their ability. You will also be in charge of hiring and training these sales professionals.

Develop and Achieve Objectives

When you work as a sales manager, part of your job will be to determine what goals the company needs to meet to be successful. You will know where they stand financially and where they need to be to make a profit. You may work with other managers or CEOs in the company to develop objectives and make plans to reach those objectives.

It will then be your responsibility to take that information to the sales professionals and let them know what they have to achieve to reach the larger goals of the company. You will use data and other measurements to ensure that everyone is being successful in their endeavors and be able to change tactics if someone isn’t doing what they need to do.

Work With Other Departments

In addition to being in charge of the sales part of the company you work for, you’ll also work collaboratively with other departments. This might include working with marketing to generate new leads so that the customer base can be expanded or perhaps working with research and product teams to ensure that customer needs are being met.

In essence, when looking at the sales manager job description, you will play three roles: you will manage people, customers, and the business. Having the right skills and experience to do this could lead to a lucrative and successful career.

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What Are the Characteristics of a Great Sales Manager?

Being a sales manager isn’t the same as being a sales professional. Even though they work in the same department, there is a different set of skills needed by a manager. Below are some of the characteristics that might be found in a sales manager job description that will make a person great in their position.

Ability to Communicate

One of the most important skills you’ll need to be a great sales manager is the ability to communicate. If you can listen to what people are saying first and then speak in a clear and consistent manner after they are finished, this will make you a great sales manager. Being able to communicate with your sales team and other departments in the company means that everyone will be on the same page and know what is expected of them. They’ll have a clearly defined set of goals and know exactly what they have to do to get there.


Working with employees and customers can be challenging. They can be strong willed and difficult to handle. However, as a good sales manager, you will have patience and be able to remain calm in even the most stressful of situations. You will know how to motivate your team without having to chastise them in public or private. When it comes to talking to customers who are upset or angry, you will know exactly what to say to calm them down.

Being patient and having good communication skills go together and will make you a great sales manager that motivates your sales team and takes care of customers so they want to come back and spend more money with the company.

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Trust and Integrity

Being a great sales manager means that you don’t ask your team to do anything this is illegal, immoral, or goes against the company’s core values. You also keep personal information confidential.

Ability to Build Relationships

Sales managers have to deal with a lot of different people, from employees they supervise to coworkers from other departments to customers. Being able to get along with these people (or at least be respectful to them) and building relationships will keep the company running smoothly and profitably. To be a great sales manager, you want to see everyone be successful and do what you can to help with that endeavor.

Analytical Skills

Since you have to use data and other information to determine if your team and the company is reaching their sales goals, having analytical skills will allow you to be a successful sales manager.

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Computer Skills

In conjunction with having analytical skills, you will also need to have computer skills. Most of the information you get for the company will be stored in software or content management systems specific to the industry or the company you work for. Being able to quickly learn how to use the system will make you a great sales manager and access the information you need to help the business.

Ability to Prioritize

Sales managers may be tasked with dealing with a variety of problems, both with employees and customers, as well as having to attend meetings, put reports together, and other duties. Being able to prioritize the most important tasks and take care of the biggest issues will allow you to be successful at your job and help the company make money.

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A Detailed Sales Manager Job Description

When it comes to a sales manager job description, there will be certain traits and skills that the hiring company will be looking for. Some of the goals that a company will be looking for that you can help them achieve as a sales manager include:

  • Ability to coach, manage, and lead a team of salespeople
  • Increase profits or market share of the company by a certain percentage
  • Drive net revenue by a certain amount during the next fiscal year
  • Maintain sales cost within a certain percentage or range
  • Improve overall sales growth by a certain percentage

The responsibilities you have as a sales manager will include:

  • Working with senior management to set sales and revenue goals on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis
  • Working with senior management to create and implement marketing strategies
  • Increase customer satisfaction ratings by a certain percent
  • Mentor and nurture relationships with the sales team to help them reach their goals

To be a successful sales manager, you’ll have to have experience in the position. The company who is hiring may expect you to have the experience in:

  • Selling the product or service that the company sells
  • Closing deals based on a certain dollar amount
  • Managing a team of people at a certain size
  • Using computers or other software to track, manage, and close deals

The skills that many companies look for when they post a sales manager job description include:

  • The ability to hire high-performing sales professionals
  • The ability to coach sales professionals to a higher level
  • Being able to accurately predict sales volumes
  • Competitive, driven, energetic, and have a sense of urgency

A Typical Day for a Sales Manager

The sales manager job description gives you an idea of what a company is looking for when it comes to filling this position. This is because a typical day for a sales manager includes managing people, customers, and the business. To do this successfully, you have to have experience, skill, and leadership qualities.


Becoming a sales manager could be a great job choice if you enjoy working with customers, sales professionals, and coworkers from various departments within the company. You have an important job as a sales manager, and you are in charge of creating and achieving financial goals so that the company you work for can be successful and make a profit.

Not everyone is cut out to be a sales manager. When looking at a sales manager job description, you can see that you have to have a lot of different skills and attributes if you want to excel in your position. If you have these abilities, this can be a great career choice.