The security guard job description has a very important role when it comes to understanding the specific duties, responsibilities, and abilities related to the job. A security guard is in charge of patrolling and monitoring the premises in order to make sure that everyone and everything is safe and sound; starting with the employees, customers and ending with expensive equipment, classified information or restricted access areas.

What Does a Security Guard Professional Do?

An experienced security guard must manage to prevent illegal or dangerous situations from happening. The security guard must also be able to identify certain gestures, expressions and must investigate any disturbances. Controlling and monitoring access is also part of the security guard job description. He must also thoroughly check both vehicles and people in order to ensure the safety of the work environment and of the employees that work on the premises.

A security guard has to be in good physical shape because he has to patrol the premises on a daily basis and in some cases he has to chase after perpetrators or people that seem dangerous. This person also has to take accurate notes of different situations and report them to his superiors. If interested in this work environment, you can also look into the security officer job description.

security guard job description resume

Security Guard Job Description for Resume – Responsibilities

  • Act in accordance with the law in order to protect the premises and the employees.
  • Evict dangerous persons that pose a threat to the people on the premises.
  • Complete reports and take notes of every event that is worth mentioning.
  • Report any unusual event to the superiors, as well as detect and report signs of intrusion.
  • Be in charge of vehicles and people access.
  • Investigate disturbances and help people that require assistance.
  • Protect the company’s assets and equipment.
  • Answer alarms promptly, always be on the lookout for suspicious behavior, situations, and actions.
  • Call the authorities in case of emergency (earthquake, fire, acts of terrorism, unauthorized people trying to enter the premises etc.)

Security Guard Job Required Skills

Observational Skills. This professional must be detail oriented and not easily distracted. He must have the capacity to identify threats quickly and must be willing to help others. Be visible for visitors and employees at all times in case someone needs assistance.

Problem-solving Skills. Capacity to handle stress, dangerous situations, and people, as well as to react well under pressure are important characteristics that every security guard must possess. Also, the ability to make decisions on the spot, and the ability to perform CPR and give first aid are mandatory.

Field Knowledge. The security guard job description includes having in-depth knowledge of how to operate security software programs, emergency equipment and detecting systems. Having knowledge of security procedures and public safety are also mandatory.

Interpersonal Skills. He must act like a receptionist when receiving guests on the premises and have active listening skills. Also, he needs to be friendly towards visitors while being objective and a good observer at the same time.

How to Become a Security Guard Professional

As long as one’s skills and abilities match the security guard job description, there is nothing to worry about. Of course, previous work experience is always a plus, but a person can still get the job if they possess the right set of skills that are associated with the security guard job description. Also, in order to get the job one needs a high school diploma and most of the skills and abilities that were listed above.

Education & Training Requirements

All companies and employers will have the same requirements when it comes to hiring a security guard. A high school diploma or GED certificate are mandatory. Certificates related to firearms training are also more than welcome.

Depending on the state, a security guard has to be able to provide a state registration proof of armed positions and firearms training. Also, it is important to read the security guard job description before applying for such a job as it involves some safety risks.

Work Experience

People without any work experience can still apply for a security guard job position. But they need to have a flawless resume in order to catch the employer’s attention with their skills and abilities. All employers and companies require a high school diploma or a GED certificate. Most states in the U.S.A. require that a security guard should also have firearms training and state registration when it comes to armed positions.

Most security guards will undergo a training or instruction period because each and every company has its own policies and procedures that need to be followed.

Work Schedules

Security guards can work for the regular 8 hours per day, meaning 40 hours per week. If they work more it is considered overtime, and they get paid accordingly or get more time off. They can work day or night shifts, also weekend shifts are possible. Some of these professionals work 12-hour shifts, with necessary legal time off between the shifts.

Career Prospects

There are career growth opportunities for a professional, experienced security guard. By following an academic path one can go from being a security guard to a diplomatic security agent. Some security guards can end up being hired by celebrities. A great security guard can also become a trainer. That is due to his extensive work experience, he is more than capable of training new security guards to handle their new job position.

A security guard can earn a median salary of $11.13 per hour, meaning an annual salary of about $33,722, according to Payscale. The amount per hour differs based on one’s work experience and state that he or she works in. The most experienced security guards earn around $15.63 while the least experienced ones earn around $8.96 per hour.


The job description for security guard implies having to rely on intuition and previous work experience. When a person behaves in an unusual way or something is suspicious, a security guard has to act in an objective manner and check to see what is happening. The need for this job seems to be growing, and by 2024 it will grow by 5%, as fast as average according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.