Privacy Policy, its management, editors, researchers, and all staff members, take the protection of your private data very seriously and work together in order to ensure that you can safely interact with other visitors and submit feedback without putting your personal information at risk.

1. Types of Personal Data Collected

In order to maximize the quality of your experience,, like the vast majority of websites, collects a limited amount of private data. For standard website users, this data falls into two categories:

  • Name and Email Address. These are collected once you decide to leave a comment on our website, however, if you do not wish to disclose this you can also use an alias. Moreover, in case you wish to remove a comment you made on our website you can send us a request at, and in 30 days all this personally identifiable data you provided will be completely erased.
  • Computer Data (OS data, Browser Data, and IP). Our server automatically collects data pertaining to your computer, with the purpose of improving your overall user experience. In order to ensure that our website and its subpages load quickly and that all other features function correctly on your device, we will collect data concerning your browser version, your OS version and also your IP. Meanwhile, this data will never be shared with any third party websites. We will respect your legal rights and only use this data in strict accordance with US data protection laws. As such, we will not reveal any such data to a third party, except in the conditions stipulated by law.

We will take all due technical measures and employ specialized personnel in order to ensure that your personal data is stored safely.

If you receive a request for additional personal data from someone claiming to represent our website, via e-mail or otherwise, take no action and contact us immediately. In the overwhelming majority of cases, we will never ask you for any additional data except for that which is described above.

However, if we have reason to engage in a collaboration with you, which might require you to supply additional data, we will first contact you accordingly, in writing, and specific means of communication will be decided at that point if necessary.

Your use of the website will be interpreted as your tacit approval of all provisions herein, alongside the Terms of Use. If, at any point, you decide that you do not agree, partially or totally, with the Privacy Policy or the Terms of Use, stop using the website immediately.

2. Links

Our articles and content will include links to other websites. Our staff will do their utmost to include only reputable links, which will not put your internet safety at risk if followed. However, we can in no way be held liable for any event which might occur as a result of accessing such links. Our website and all our staff members do not and will not answer for any experience resulting from the use of such sites. In addition, by using the linked websites, you also tacitly agree to respect their Privacy Policies and Terms of Use.

3. Changes to this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy might change at any time, and we take the liberty of making amendments as we see fit and without prior notification. We will, however, announce this on the website and we will also change the date at the bottom of this post so as to reflect the date of the latest amendments.

If you have any further questions regarding our website or our Privacy Policy, feel free to contact us at