Terms of Use

This statement, and all provisions herein, shall be henceforth referred to as the “Terms of Use”, and their observance shall be considered as mandatory for all users and visitors of the website. The website’s management, staff, editors, and researchers will be referred to as “We, Us, and Our” and the user will be referred to as “You”. Continued use of the website will be interpreted as your acceptance of these Terms of Use.

1. Introduction

Any use of the jobdescriptionshub.com website, regardless of the nature and location of the User, will be entirely subject to the hereby established Terms of Use. By freely choosing to access the website, you agree to respect the provisions of these Terms of Use and to abide by all the State, Federal or International laws and regulations concerning the website and corresponding online activity.

Should you, at any point, disagree with the abovementioned or with any provision of the Terms of Use, please desist from using the website immediately. Continuing to use the website will be considered as your acceptance of all provisions herein.

2. Terms

  • Personal Data collection and Privacy Policy

Your continued use of the website will also serve as proof that you have accepted our Privacy Policy. As detailed in our Privacy Policy page, certain types of personal data will be collected with the purpose of improving the user’s experience. We take the protection of personal data very seriously and we have specific procedures in this regard. Given our commitment to safeguarding your personal data, we also expect reciprocity in this regard from our users.

You are consequently forbidden from extracting, attempting to extract or using personal data of either staff members or other users. Any breach of this provisions will be considered a serious offence, against which legal action might be taken.

  • Hacking and Illicit Activity

Hacking or any attempt to tamper with or change content on our website is forbidden, as is any attempt to damage or perturb the activity of either software or hardware belonging to the website or ensuring website functionality. Hacking is widely considered an offence and legal action will be taken against perpetrators.

By applying the principle of reciprocity, we also expect users to contact us immediately if they have reason to believe that any of the abovementioned activities have occurred or are occurring. If there is reasonable evidence that a user is aware of any past, present or planned activity of the abovementioned sort but nevertheless fails to inform us thereof, the said user will have breached these Terms of Use.

  • Linking and Affiliations

You may generally use links to our website’s pages on your own websites or blogs. However, you are not allowed to do so if:

  1. Linking creates competition to our website
  2. The website of origin contains malicious content; racially, ethnically or religiously offensive content; inappropriate content for the general public; slander towards our website and staff; aggressive criticism or other features which we might deem as inappropriate;

Any linking to or from our website cannot, under any circumstance, be considered as an official endorsement of the respective websites from our side. Endorsing other websites is strictly the competence of our staff.

We cannot, under any circumstance, be held liable for any content on websites linked to our website or from consequences arising from the use of such content.

  • Copyright and Use of Content

All content on our website falls under the incidence of copyright law and all rights to the said content are reserved. Using, copying, modifying or taking credit for content on our website is strictly forbidden and any such offence will be considered as a breach of copyright law.

Subject to our approval, you are permitted to use content for academic or research purposes. You are not permitted, however, to take credit for any content, completely or partially.

Using the website is your freely made decision. We cannot, by way of consequence, be held liable for any kind of misfortunes, problems or events which may arise due to using our website and/or our content.

  • Website activity

Harassing our staff in any way is considered a serious offense and legal actions will be taken against the perpetrators. If we have reason to believe that this is occurring, we may decide to block the user in question from accessing our website.

Any type of commercial activity carried out on the website without our consent is strictly forbidden. Should you desire to engage in such an activity, please contact us.

3. Conditions

We reserve the right to amend the present Terms of Use at any time and without prior notification. If changes do occur, we will announce this on our website and we will change the date at the bottom of this statement. Continuing to use the website after the present Terms of Use have been amended will be interpreted as your tacit approval of all amendments and of the new version of the Terms of Use.

Any and all content on the website is subject to removal or alteration by our staff. We reserve the right to do this without prior notification and we cannot be held liable for any event occurring as a result. In addition, the same terms apply for website removal or suspension.

We cannot be held responsible for any malicious comments posted by users in the comments section. Though our staff members do their best to remove such content, we cannot answer for inappropriate user behavior.

Our staff members try to ensure content validity and accuracy at all times. In case inaccuracies exist, we cannot be held liable. Read more about this topic in our Disclaimer. Finally, any use of a link or carrying out a purchase through our website falls under your responsibility.

4. Intellectual Property Rights

All content on our website is subject to copyright and may not be reproduced or otherwise used, in any way, without our permission. We take copyright infringement very seriously, and any such case, be it in relation to us or a third party posting on our website, will be considered an offence and subject to legal action.

All and any Intellectual Property rights which may be granted are hereby listed in these Terms and Conditions. For ease of reference, note that content may be used for academic and research purposes, subject to an official approval from us.

If you are aware of a copyright infringement on our content or suspect that such rights might be infringed, do not hesitate to contact us at info@jobdescriptionshub.com. Failure to do so, if there is reasonable evidence that you were, in fact, aware of a copyright infringement, will be considered as a breach of these present Terms of Use.

We would be more than glad to answer additional questions. Contact us at info@jobdescriptionshub.com.