The extraverted, intuitive, feeling, judging personality type features a mix of skills in developing relationships with various types of people. As well as multitasking, managing projects and people, and listening to many voices. Job seekers with these characteristics often funnel into teaching and management positions where interaction with others figures prominently in the job description. Below, we list the best paying jobs for ENFJ professionals.

best paying jobs for ENFJ

10. Film/TV Producer

Film and TV producers appear on our best paying jobs for ENFJ list because the elements of a teacher, task manager, and extrovert appear. Despite the prominence of social media, movies and television still stand as popular forms of entertainment, they will sustain the need for producers.

What does a film/tv producer do: The tasks of promoter, fundraiser, writer, editor, and overseer of the program or movie find themselves under the producer umbrella. Producers write and review scripts, monitor filming and recruit actors, actresses and other in the crew. Preparing and ensuring that production occurs within the budgets and adding credits represent part of the job description as well.

What annual salary a film/tv producer has: According to PayScale, film and television producers average a yearly salary of $67,602. The pay range spans from $38,480 to $131,358. Salaries can sky well above this mark for producers for high-profile projects or studios.

9. Psychologist

Clinical, counseling and school psychologists, as a field, should experience a 14 percent rise in employment by 2026, says the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Mental health issues touch children, adolescents and adults (young to elderly). The services of psychologists are needed in schools, nursing facilities, substance abuse or other mental health treatment centers and in the court system.

What does a psychologist do: Although the settings vary, psychology involves at its essence the examination and treatment of behavioral issues. Psychologists interview, evaluate, examine, diagnose and counsel patients, students, residents in various facilities and others. In a few states, psychologists may prescribe medications for psychological and mental disorders.

What annual salary a psychologist has: The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics places the mean pay for clinical, counseling and school psychologists at $81,330 per year. Salaries for those in the 90th percentile exceed $123,920.

8. Chiropractor

An increasingly elderly population and the frequency of motor vehicle, work-related and other injuries lead to a demand for chiropractors. Due also to the acceptance of the field’s alternatives to medications and surgeries, employment of chiropractors should grow by 12 percent by 2026.

What does a chiropractor do: To treat disorders of the nerves, spine and other components of the neuromusculoskeletal system, chiropractors manipulate, apply heat and cold packs and adjust spines. As with other medical professionals, the tasks include evaluating patients, diagnosing their problems and the recommended treatment and educating the patients on treatments and lifestyle changes.

What annual salary a chiropractor has: According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the median salary for chiropractors is at $83,350 per year. For those in the top ten percent of earners, pay rises above $144,730.

7. Occupational Therapist

Occupational therapy constitutes one of the fast growing of the best paying jobs for ENFJ, with a projected increase of 24 percent by 2026. This strong job outlook results from the need for patients with strokes, Alzheimer’s and other disabilities to relearn basic life activities such as eating, brushing hair and performing other tasks that involve motor skills.

What does an occupational therapist do: In helping patients with daily activities, occupational therapists perform initial evaluations and facilitate tasks for the patients. Beyond leading and educating patients in exercises, the therapist may label items or areas for patients with memory issues, identify potential hazards in the patient’s environment and guide patients to wheelchairs and other occupational aides.

What annual salary an occupational therapist has: Occupational therapists enjoy on an average annual pay of $84,640. Earnings among the highest one-tenth of therapists are north of $120,440.

6. Construction Manager

Leadership appears as a theme in many of the best paying ENFJ jobs. This trait describes the construction manager, who assumes responsibility for ensuring the safe and efficient completion of building projects. As bridges, roads, buildings and other infrastructure need replacement, construction managers will enjoy solid employment prospects. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts an 11 percent increase in jobs in the field through 2026.

What does a construction manager do: The construction manager guides projects from their genesis to the conclusion. Accomplishing the goals requires the manager to plan, budget, hire workers, monitor performance and compliance with applicable laws, anticipate and order changes and respond to problems, delays, and incidents. Interaction with architects, engineers, government inspectors, subcontractors, and owners is common and requires an extrovert personality.

What annual salary a construction manager has: Construction managers fetch on a mean basis $101,000 every year, reports the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Landing in the 90th percentile can result in pay above $159,560.

5. Postsecondary Education Administrator

With a ten percent rise in employment through 2026, those seeking positions in postsecondary education should see ample prospects. The growth should come despite a field that often has low turnover, as administrators hold these jobs for significant periods of time.

What does a postsecondary education administrator do: Postsecondary education administrators manage colleges, universities or various departments or schools within them. Their decisions and actions cover admissions, course offerings, and schedules, promotion, and policies. In some capacities, such as dean or provost, the administrator oversees research, fundraising, hiring and tenure of professors and financial matters.

What annual salary a postsecondary education administrator has: On a mean basis, postsecondary education administrators fetch $107,670 per year. Those in the 90th percentile see pay above $182,150.

4. Medical and Health Service Manager

The predicted 20 percent growth by 2026 in the employment of medical and health service managers speaks to the demand for health services. Elderly populations often turn to nursing homes and home health care. With increased access to health insurance come more visits to, and treatments from clinics and hospitals.

What does a medical and health service manager do: To manage nursing homes, hospitals and other medical and health facilities, the managers of them prepare and monitor budgets, ensure billing of patients and insurers and assume responsibility for compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Medical and health service managers organize records, represent the facility or organization at meetings of investors or stakeholders and schedule staff.

What annual salary a medical and health service manager has: According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean pay for medical and health service managers stands at $111,680 per year. Managers at the upper level make more than $176,130.

3. Optometrist

Aging and diabetes can trigger vision problems and a need for professionals to monitor and treat them. As a result, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts an 18 percent increase among these jobs by 2026.

What does an optometrist do: An optometrist examines a patient’s vision using reading charts and other techniques, assesses vision and diagnoses and treats problems. Strategies for correcting eye problems include vision therapy, contact lenses, and prescriptions for glasses. Optometrists also educate patients on the use of lenses and lifestyle habits that can improve vision.

What annual salary an optometrist has: The mean pay for optometrists registers at $119,100 each year. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, pay at the 90th percentile stage runs beyond $190,090.

2. Advertising and Promotions Manager

Advertising and promotions managers earn a place among the best paying jobs for ENFJ people because being an extrovert helps these managers deal with many people, often outside an organization. Also, those with computer and social media skills can find more opportunities, as media platforms trend away from print and into digital.

What does an advertising and promotions manager do: The job description of an advertising and promotions manager entails planning campaign themes, promotions such as give-a-ways and discounts, leading market research and negotiating contracts. These managers judge the look and feel of Internet designs, audio advertisements, and other marketing campaigns. Meetings with clients and surveys with the public require an extrovert personality.

What annual salary an advertising and promotions manager has: As reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, advertising and promotions managers have a mean pay of $123,880 per year.

1. Sales Manager

At the top of our best paying jobs for ENFJ list rests one with the highest salary on our list and significant contact with others. Online shopping has removed some of the work performed by sales managers. Yet employment of sales managers should remain generally level with the seven-percent growth of the workforce overall by 2026. Sales managers may find strong demand for entities dealing with industrial and non-consumer customers. You can also look at the sales associate job description and salary.

What does a sales manager do: A sales team gets its instructions and directions from a sales manager. In leading the salespeople, the manager answers and solves customer problems and complaints, formulates the budget, authorizes spending on sales efforts, and trains the sales staff. Analytical skills help sales managers determine what messages and strategies drive sales upwards and what techniques should be scrapped.

What annual salary a sales manager has: The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the median salary for sales managers stands at $137,650 per year.


These best paying jobs for ENFJ personality types share a theme of managing, leading, teaching and working with others. Many have average annual salaries near and above $100,000. Solid to brisk demand characterizes many we have identified here. Please share your thoughts about our list and your suggestions for other best paying jobs for ENFJ workers.