According to the brand ambassador job description, an individual occupying this position represents a brand in a flattering way, and thanks to his or her persuasive skills can manage to boost sales and increase brand awareness. It is compared with a corporate job, and the brand ambassador basically represents the company or organization’s image.

The role of the brand ambassador is an important one for the employer. A brand ambassador can be viewed as a specialized marketing representative who adds brand value to any service or product that he has to represent.

What Does a Brand Ambassador Do?

The brand ambassador has to know which people or companies to contact. This person has to reach out to all the potential buyers to advertise certain products, boost sales and raise brand awareness. The brand ambassadors job description states that such an employee must have a thorough knowledge of the company’s products and services.

One of the most important brand ambassador job description requirements is traveling. Building a buyer and consumer portfolio takes time, dedication, product knowledge and most important of all, intense promotion. If an individual wants this job position, he or she has to be prepared to work irregular hours, to travel a lot and to adapt to different persons, companies, and situations.
Brand Ambassador Job Description for Resume - Skills and Requirements

Brand Ambassador Job Description for Resume – Responsibilities

Interacting with the general public and promoting different services and products via different channels such as social media websites, radio, magazines, flyers, public events come easily to a brand ambassador. Advertising and marketing skills are preferred by many employers, and a brand ambassador should have at least some basic knowledge of these two fields. The brand ambassador job description also outlines the following requirements:

  • Ability to travel most of the times;
  • Excellent communication skills;
  • Make contact with all possible buyers;
  • Marketing and Sales knowledge;
  • Intense promotion of different products and services;
  • Excellence in customer care services;
  • Social media knowledge;
  • Responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with buyers;
  • Powerful online presence;
  • Popular person who can gather a large number of buyers.

Brand Ambassador Essential Skills

The brand ambassador job description underlines that these professionals should be endowed with a plethora of social knowledge and skills to allow them to excel at networking and product branding:

  • Excellent communication skills in order to ensure the best relationships between the company represented by the brand ambassador and possible buyers
  • Soft skills;
  • Active listening skills;
  • Persuasive skills;
  • Capacity to multitask;
  • Demonstrated ability to anticipate most of the customers’ questions and provide convincing answers;
  • An established online presence;
  • The power to persuade possible buyers using different social media platforms;
  • Marketing and Sales knowledge and the ability to apply marketing and sales theories in practice;
  • High level of professionalism;
  • Being presentable at all times;
  • The ability to build, grow and maintain business relationships over time;
  • Capacity to analyze feedback received from customers and implement new changes;
  • Capacity to make sales pitches more enticing and adapt them depending on the company and buyer;
  • Innovative insight;
  • People’s person;
  • Capacity to work irregular hours and to work overtime;
  • Social media skills;
  • Advertising knowledge and skills;
  • Marketing knowledge and skills;
  • Contacts in different media fields such as radio, TV, and social media websites;
  • Know how to promote services and products using different advertising channels such as newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, and social media websites.

How to Become a Brand Ambassador

The brand ambassador job description includes the brand ambassador’s attributions on a daily basis. To become one, individuals don’t need to follow a specific training program. Some companies or employers ask for previous work experience as a brand ambassador while others don’t. The individual’s personality matters as well as his or her social and persuasive skills. Depending on the company, some celebrities end up being hired as brand ambassadors thanks to their level of fame and influence and the ability to gather a large number of buyers.

Most companies offer training sessions to newly hired brand ambassadors, and this includes social media information, sales pitches, key terms and expressions that subtly make the companies and customers more interested in certain products and services, etc. The contents of the training differ depending on the company and its objectives.

Not all people are cut out for this job position. In accordance with the job ambassador job description, this occupation requires a lot of flexibility because this job implies stress management and working late or irregular hours; most of the times overtime work being required by different companies or employers. A good brand ambassador has to be a good salesman, using his or her persuasive skills to make a sales pitch or to promote a certain product or service.

Brand Ambassador Job Experience

A brand ambassador position is very appealing and desired by many persons, and your resume can sometimes be the most important thing in the hiring process. Employers have to be convinced to call you for an interview just by reading your resume.  Even if you don’t have any work experience listed in your cv, it is important to complete the other sections that deal with your skills, abilities and education. This can sometimes be the only way in which you can impress an employer.

This, perhaps is the most important aspect of the whole hiring process, apart from knowing the brand ambassador job description.

Education Requirements

Many employers and small businesses require just a high school diploma or a GED, but some companies have strict policies and ask for different certifications and for a university degree, preferably a business and management degree or a bachelor’s degree in marketing.

Career Path for Brand Ambassadors

Many brand ambassadors work their way into mid-entry jobs. Some become customer support representatives while others become marketing specialists. There are some individuals that end up being senior brand ambassadors or even managers. The career path is pretty flexible, making the brand ambassador position very popular among students and persons that want a flexible entry-level job.

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