The data entry job description is an important source of information that helps you understand what this job is all about. A data entry clerk or database administrator is in charge of handling and transferring information from documents to sheets and computer systems.

The duties of a data entry clerk don’t end with transferring information from one source to another. This job position requires attention to detail, capacity to prioritize and deliver accurate information, free of typos and grammatical errors in a timely fashion.

What Does a Data Entry Professional Do?

A data entry professional should prioritize and handle deadlines in a professional manner. Most of the times, this job requires observational skills, attention to details and multitasking. Depending on the company and its policies, a data entry clerk will have to learn different procedures, data program techniques, systems and software used at work.

data entry job description

Data Entry Job Description for Resume – Responsibilities

  • Sort the data and prepare it for transferring it to a computer system.
  • Prioritize and decide which project to handle first.
  • Use standard procedures to process documents and information.
  • Handle data entry procedures and use different program techniques to transfer data into computer systems.
  • Review, sort, delete and change data depending on the company’s and the clients’ requirements.
  • Verify documents and correct typos and grammatical errors.
  • Report any system errors to the manager.
  • Perform data backups to secure data in case there is a system error.
  • Keep the confidentiality regarding the project and the information handled.
  • Enter information in the computerized database.

Data Entry Clerk Required Skills

Computer Skills. This professional must have computer literacy and great data entry skills. He must possess an in-depth knowledge of MS Office and standard data programs. Maths skills are also useful and it is mandatory for him to have a high school diploma or equivalent.

Multitasking Skills. In order to perform this job, the data entry clerk must be able to multitask. He must be observant and have a high attention to details. Fast and correct typing is also useful, as well as fluency in English.

Problem-solving Skills. The ability to handle deadlines in a timely fashion is mandatory for the job. As well as quick decision making and wits.

Customer Service Skills. The person with the data entry job description must have the capacity to work under pressure in a busy environment. Also, the ability to work shifts and a flexible always changing schedule.

How to become a Data Entry Professional

In order to become a data entry clerk, a person needs to have GCSEs (grades A-C) or equivalent in Maths and English. Most companies and employers don’t ask for other qualifications. However, optional certifications will certainly help one get the job that they want. Follow different IT training programs and workshops to improve keyboard and computer skills. All additional certifications will help the professional understand you’re their better and be more productive and efficient in the work place.

Education & Training Requirements

Some companies (depending on the intricacy of the job requirements) may require a bachelor degree, but most companies look for qualifications like GCSEs or the equivalent in Maths and English. Also, getting a certificate in IT might increase the chances of getting a job as a data entry clerk.

There are several opportunities that come with this job. The career path doesn’t stop at simply being a data entry clerk; on the contrary. If a person accumulates enough work experience they can get a job in different fields that handle computerized information.

Work Experience

Many companies and employers nowadays don’t require any previous work experience in this field. However, certain skills and abilities can make a difference and can persuade an employer to call up for an interview and even hire the candidate in the end.

A lot of people are interested in being a data entry operator, so there will be some competition involved if a person plans to get hired in this field. To stand out from the crowd, even when they don’t have any experience as a data entry clerk, they need to have a flawless resume that includes skills, abilities, and qualifications. Just make sure the relevant information that matches the job description is highlighted.

For extra points, it is recommended to add a cover letter to impress the employer; these formalities really matter because they represent the first interaction with the company that a person wants to work for and they offer detailed information about your skills and abilities. You can look closely at the data entry job description for more inspiration on what to include in your resume.

Work Schedules

The data entry professionals work regular days: from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday. However, some can have a more flexible schedule, meaning they need to work in shifts and even get the night shift often.

Career Prospects

If wondering how much a data entry clerk makes, it all depends on the years of experience in this field, the education one has, the complexity of the job (the tasks vary from one company to another) and the location. The hourly rate for a data entry clerk that works in the U.S. is $12.54 per hour. The median yearly salary is somewhere between $22,618 and $48,527, but these sums also vary depending on numerous factors from location to the tasks performed at work for which they might get bonuses.

One can also get a promotion and move up the career ladder as a database administrator, supervisor, trainer or even as a team leader. They will need to prove that they have managerial, marketing and leadership skills. The data entry job description can help anyone to get an idea of what are the skills that need to be polished in order to impress a manager. One can also get a certification in any of these fields either signing up to a course or going to different workshops. Or they can also follow a career in IT, get trained in this field, and come up with software that facilitates data entry and whatnot.


Nobody can deny the fact that a data entry clerk’s job is quite demanding. They have to sort and compile all kinds of data and information. The documents have to be processed and checked for any mistakes, be them grammatical or not. The data entry clerk should also abide by the company’s standard procedures and respect the confidentiality of clients and documents that are being handled.