If you are just getting into an industry, you may have resigned yourself to starting out making little money. However, that is not always the case. There are many entry-level jobs that pay very well. Read on for the 10 highest paying entry level jobs and a brief description of each.

highest paying entry level jobs

10. Customer Service Representative

First on our highest paying entry level jobs list, we have the customer service representative job. A professional with this job description needs very strong communication and people skills. Also, when moving up in a company, they might lead a team of representatives and thus develop new customer service solutions.

What does a customer service representative do: Customer representatives are responsible for helping customers work through any issues with a company. They will handle complaints and must remain calm, even if customers are angry.

What is a customer service representative’s annual salary: $36,612.

9. Graphic Designer

Graphic design is a great career for those who have a background in art and computing. A graphic designer generally works for a graphic design firm or on a company’s graphic design team. Through promotion, this professional can head up their own team, or even start their own firm or work as a freelancer.

What does a graphic designer do: A graphic designer creates aesthetically pleasing material for a company, including both digital and print media. Graphic designers may create websites, logos, pamphlets and more.

What is a graphic designer’s annual salary: $42,628 per year.

8. Web Content Specialist

Content specialists have high-quality writing and editing skills. In this position, they can start out working on a team of writers but can move up to lead a department or even start their own content company. A degree in marketing or writing will help a lot in this field.

What does a content specialist do: A content specialist is responsible for all written material for a company. This may include writing copy for websites, social media, and publications. They might also be editing other’s content. Similar positions to this one are the web designer and the web developer job positions.

What is a content specialist’s annual salary: $46,903.

7. Implementation Specialist

Implementation specialists work with companies to help install and implement new software. There are many opportunities to move up in this career, and they might eventually lead an implementation team. For a related job position, you can also have a look at the JR system administrator job description.

What does an implementation specialist do: An implementation specialist is one of the highest paying entry level jobs that must possess a strong knowledge of a company’s software and how it works. They will help businesses set up the software and train employees in using it. As well as help with any technical support issues that may arise.

What is a graphic designer’s annual salary: $52,123.

6. Financial Analyst

The financial analyst must possess a degree in finance, statistics or economics, and must have a good understanding of how money works. They can start out working for individuals or smaller companies. With ambition, they might one day become the CFO of a major company.

What does a financial analyst do: A financial analyst works with individuals and companies to help manage their money and increase its earning potential. They must have a good understanding of stocks, bonds, and investment options.

What is a financial analyst’s annual salary: $58,935.

5. Investment Banking Analyst

Next, we have the investment banking analyst on our highest paying entry level jobs. There is a lot of growth potential for this job position, allowing this professional to move up within a firm or move on to some high-end investment firms.

What does an investment banking analyst do: As an investment banking analyst, this person must help both individuals and companies make financial decisions in regards to how to invest their money. They will also give their input on mergers and acquisitions.

What is an investment banking analyst’s annual salary: $66,734.

4. Commercial Loan Officer

Commercial loan officers have an interest in both real estate and finances. This professional needs a degree in finance or a similar field. As they progress in their job they may get promoted to working with some big investors.

What does a commercial real estate loan officer do: The commercial loan officer must look at finances and help decide whether people and companies will be allowed to receive loans for commercial properties.

What is a commercial loan officer’s annual salary: $71,232.

3. Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

Next on our highest paying entry level jobs list is the pharmaceutical sales representative job. Working in this position is a great way to activate in the medical field for those who wish to work directly with patients and have a knack for selling. The start out is in a basic position, but over time they can specialize and increase their earning potential.

What does a pharmaceutical sales representative do: A pharmaceutical sales representative meets with doctors and gives them information on new drugs for their patients. Also, they make commissions as doctors choose to prescribe the drug.

What is a pharmaceutical sales representative’s annual salary: $76,827.

2. Software Engineer

If you have a background in computer science and enjoy developing software, then becoming a software engineer may be the perfect job. Software engineers start out working with a team to develop and maintain software systems. But if they have potential they might move up and head a team or department, or even start their own development firm.

What does a software engineer do: Software engineers work to develop and maintain software, that requires a strong knowledge of computer languages, engineering, and mathematics.

What is a software engineer’s annual salary: $82,780.

1. Security Engineer

Lastly, we have the security engineer job that is perfect for a person with an education in IT. This professional will start working as part of the security team, but as they progress, they might get to lead their own security team or even start their own security company.

What does a security engineer do: Security engineers are responsible for helping an organization to make sure that all of its systems are secure. They will be developing security software and working to make sure that existing security software is airtight. This is a great job for those who enjoy puzzles and problem-solving. If interested in the field, you can also look at the systems engineer job position.

What is a security engineer’s annual salary: $88,300.


These are just a few of the highest paying entry level jobs, but all are a good place to start for someone hoping to be successful right out of college. In order to be successful in these jobs, the person applying must realize their full potential, ambition and hard work as essential. Many of these entry-level jobs are also competitive, so it is important to set yourself apart as you apply.