Freelance work attracts those in search of flexible schedules, independence and ways to supplement other employment. Freelancers can work from living rooms, kitchens and home offices. However, assignments may take these workers to studios and other places away from home. The picks from our list of the highest paying freelance jobs represent various work environments and talents of freelancers.

Highest Paying Freelance Jobs

10. Freelance Video Editor

Video editors should see a 13 percent rise in employment through 2026, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Moreover, online videos along with those on television or theater platforms should generate many opportunities for freelance video editors.

What does a video editor do: Video editors capture moving images, organize them and adjust, eliminate unwanted portions, add captions and audio, and otherwise edit them. There is a certain software that allows video editors to perform these tasks. Moreover, to align the work with the needs and vision of producers requires frequent communications by the video editor.

What annual salary a video editor has: PayScale reports that the hourly pay for freelance video editors is at $20.23, while the median yearly salary stands at approximately $42,000 per year.

9. Social Media Manager

Not surprisingly, freelance jobs involving social media would make the cut as one of the highest paying freelance jobs. The power of messaging from videos, images, audio and other content on social media places into high-demand those that can properly manage social media sites.

What does a social media manager do: Social media managers facilitate the strategy of organizations marketing and messaging on social media. The job description includes the use of word processors, email applications, and spreadsheets. As well as PowerPoint for scheduling and exchanging messages, and ideas with those on the social media team. The manager also reviews content to be placed on social media and crack the effectiveness of the social media campaigns.

What annual salary a social media manager has: According to PayScale, the mean pay for a social media manager stands at $48,999 per year.

8. Technical Writer

Writing projects provide a well of freelance opportunities. Technical writing gigs make our highest paying freelance jobs list due to the expertise that allows pay to exceed that of other freelance writers.

What does a technical writer do: During the background work for the manuals and other literature, technical writers study samples and interview production or manufacturing staff. The writing process entails presenting technical concepts in layman’s terms and verifying product specifications such as weight, dimensions, and materials.

What annual salary a technical writer has: Freelance technical writers earn on a mean basis $50,149 per year, with an hourly rate of $35.

7. Freelance Paralegal

In an effort to reduce operating cost, lawyers and law firms may increasingly turn to freelance paralegals. Attorneys rely upon paralegals to perform much of the background and preparatory work for presenting cases or completing title opinions in real estate transactions. As a result, the attorneys have more time to devote to legal strategy and factual and legal arguments.

What does a freelance paralegal do: A paralegal serves in support of lawyers on cases and transactions. These tasks include legal research, preparation of draft documents, pulling deeds, and other public records and organizing evidence. Freelance paralegals may offer their services simultaneously too many law firms or lawyers.

What annual salary a freelance paralegal has: ZipRecruiter puts the median earnings for freelance paralegals at $55,854 per year.

6. Computer Programmer

The mean salary and the prospects for much higher pay for those versed in particular programming codes render the freelance computer programmer as one of the highest paying freelance jobs. Instructing computers has become more sophisticated and involved as these machines are asked to perform calculations, display video, audio, and other content; transmit large files, and serve as a communications hub.

What does a computer programmer do: Computer programmers provide the codes or instructions for computers to execute program designs formed by software developers and engineers. Testing and revisions to the code promote the proper operation of the software and applications. Also, programmers often collaborate with the software engineers and developers.

What annual salary a freelance computer programmer has: According to ZipRecruiter, mean pay rests at $64,880 per year for freelance computer programmers.

5. Freelance Art Director

Freelancing provides fairly healthy earnings for art directors. However, opportunities are scarce especially among magazines and other print publications. Due to smartphones and the Internet, most assignments will come from online content providers.

What does a freelance art director do: A freelance art director plans and manages the development and execution of a visual concept. Directors work with clients to ensure the concept corresponds with their needs and goals. Among the duties of the freelance art director are the selection of images. Also, how they are arranged on the work, delegating tasks to graphics and other artists, who themselves may be freelancers. As well as inspecting the quality of photographs and images submitted by photographs.

What annual salary a freelance art director has: According to PayScale, freelance art directors enjoy a mean pay of $65,988 per year.

4. Freelance Consultant

Freelance consultants should find work especially with larger organizations seeking solutions to inefficiencies, personnel conflicts, and other issues. For these entities, a freelance consultant serves as a lower-cost alternative to a full-time, staff consultant. Further, staff consultants might lack needed independence or find themselves too embedded in the conflicts to render objective advice.

What does a freelance consultant do: Freelance consultants typically start assignments with background research and initial interviews. To find problems, consultants observe current operations and interactions between customers, clients, and staff. Findings of the reviews and observations and solutions to problems are presented in reports or meetings of management.

What annual salary a freelance consultant has: According to PayScale, freelance consultants win $70,641 per year.

3. Information Security Analyst

Technology jobs appear among the highest paying freelance jobs and on other lists of lucrative jobs. As in the case of information security analysts, hi-tech positions are highly sought. Information security takes critical importance in the safeguarding of financial, personal and other sensitive information. As well as in preventing viruses or breakdowns of computer systems.

What does an information security analyst do: Analysis of information security includes finding vulnerabilities such as lack of unique or adequate passwords, firewalls, and controls on access to computers or databases. Information security analysts implement and report on the results of security measures. Duties may also include investigation of information security breaches.

What annual salary an information security analyst has: Information security analysts win a median annual salary of $70,738.

2. Private Music Teacher

Private music teachers furnish the time and individual attention to young, budding musicians often not possible in traditional school music classes. This circumstance may drive students or parents to engage these freelancers who can instruct musicians in homes or studios. Moreover, if you are interested in this field, you can also check out the preschool teacher salary.

What does a private music teacher do: Private music teachers train students on reading notes and other aspects of sheet music, techniques for playing particular instruments, and singing. Practice sessions include playing, especially for beginners, simple and familiar arrangements for pieces. As the students gain experience, the music teachers will progress to more complicated and longer music.

What annual salary a private music teacher has: As stated by PayScale, private music teachers fetch on average $72,000 per year.

1. Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning uses the theory that a computer or other device, such as a self-driving vehicle, can operate based on data generated by a prior activity. The prospect that computers need little instruction from humans makes this one of the highest paying freelance jobs.

What does a machine learning engineer do: As with other engineers, those in machine learning test designs and analyze statistics and other data. The analysis leads to recommendations for internal employees and managers and for clients. Additionally, from the studies, samples and data come algorithms designed by the machine learning engineer that allow machines to construct their own fund of knowledge.

What annual salary a machine learning engineer has: Machine learning engineers earn on a mean basis $111,465 every year.


Finally, the highest paying freelance jobs featured here are occupied by those with skills sought in the technological, media and entertainment fields. For freelancers, control over the choice, timing, and location of work accompanies the potential of lucrative earnings. If you have been a freelancer, please describe your experiences and impressions. We also would like any other suggestions you might have for our highest paying freelance jobs list.