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A real estate agent is the person who sells, buys and rents property for his or her clients. These professionals have to find and interview prospective clients and has to use his or her persuasiveness in order to convince clients that a property is worth the investment. The real estate agent job description is a very important piece of information that can help you paint a better picture of the duties, abilities, and responsibilities associated with such a job.

What Does a Real Estate Agent Do?

The real estate agent job description usually refers to the daily tasks and responsibilities that a real estate agent has to take care of. The job description presupposes standard tasks that vary depending on the company’s or employer’s personalized policies.

Real estate agents have to accompany clients to the property site and offer full disclosure regarding the history of the property and the conditions of sale and they also have to know how to handle real estate contracts. Most real estate agents also have the legal right to represent the buyers. The real estate agent job description focuses on highlighting all the important abilities that one should take into consideration when applying for this job position.

Other responsibilities include finding properties that have some great potential, having a polite manner and knowing a lot of details about properties, materials used in building a house, interior design, etc.

real estate agent job description

Real Estate Agent Job Description for Resume – Responsibilities

A great real estate agent is a good negotiator; knowing how to strike a bargain, gain profit and land a sales pitch at the same time. This individual usually acts as a liaison between buyers and sellers, representing the interests of one party or the other.

Some advertisement and marketing skills are required, since one of the duties of a real estate agent is to promote sales of properties using different channels from flyers to social media websites and others. Some technical and architectural knowledge is recommended in order to better promote a property or a house. The responsibilities included in the real estate job description are:

  • Negotiate prices and contractual terms with clients
  • Personalize purchase offers to make them more appealing to potential clients
  • Establish a competitive market price by analyzing and comparing the prices of recently sold properties in the area
  • Promote properties using various channels (social media websites, advertisements, flyers etc.)
  • Double check that purchase agreements are met before closing the deal
  • Promptly come up with a list of properties that meet the client’s financial possibilities and needs
  • Connect with attorneys, contractors, mortgage lenders to establish a mutually beneficial professional relationship with them
  • Lease, rent, buy properties on behalf of clients
  • Invest in properties that have potential
  • Contact utility companies to set things up for the new owners of the property/house
  • Recommend and promote services and products to clients

Real Estate Agent Essential Skills

Most real estate agents should also have a financial background or knowledge in order to determine the eligibility of a buyer when it comes to his or her credit status and determine if financing is possible or not. A real estate agent should also have important contacts at reach, establishing professional relationships with mortgage lenders, attorneys, and contractors, recommending these professionals to his or her client base. Other essential skills outlined in the real estate job description include:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to evaluate area market conditions
  • Creative mind and sales oriented, capable of coming up with personalized proposals based on client’s type of personality
  • Organizational skills
  • Financial and marketing background or skills
  • Customer oriented
  • Ability to take important decisions fast
  • Negotiation skills
  • Persuasive abilities
  • Capacity to determine loan values
  • Manage and train sales agents
  • Ability to examine and determine the property’s real value and estimate the costs necessary to add value to the property
  • Have a network of professionals (mortgage loaners, contractors, attorneys, maintenance workers) available all the time in order to assist clients in a timely fashion
  • In-depth knowledge of technical specifications, architecture, materials used for a specific property and interior design in order to come up with pertinent advice for the client
  • Have a positive attitude and an impeccable look
  • Keep up to date with real estate markets and changes that occur in this field by attending workshops, seminars and by receiving different certifications
  • Capacity to determine which properties are suited for clients depending on their financial status and needs

How to Become a Real Estate Agent

A thorough real estate agent job description will let you know from the start what set of skills and abilities you need to possess or polish in order to become a real estate agent. You should take into account the duties and responsibilities that you will have to perform on a daily basis and decide if you want to pursue this career path or not.

If you want to be hired as a real estate agent, you need to learn how to negotiate and adjust your persuasive skills as to convince your clients to invest their money in a property or sell their house using you as the middle man. You will need to know the legal matters that are used when dealing with real estates, you will also need to have some thorough knowledge regarding the way in which some houses are built and how much is a property worth based on its location and condition.

Education & Training Requirements

Any company and employer will have the same education requirements when it comes to hiring a real estate agent. This person has to be at least 18 or 19 years old (this depends on the state and its legislation) and has to have legal US residency and complete a required pre-license education. Depending on the state, the number of hours required to pass the pre-license education may vary a bit. After all these steps are taken care of, a person has to pass the state’s real estate license examination.

People without any work experience in the field still have a chance to get hired as a real estate agent. The real estate agent job description includes people with little work experience, too.  However, employers will definitely appreciate any previous work-related skills and abilities that you might have used at another job.

Work Schedules

The average real estate agent will work the regular 40 hour work week. However, full-time realtors can reach 50 working hours per week, putting in extra time in chatting with other agents or networking with potential clients.

Career Prospects

There are some options available when it comes to ascending the career ladder for real estate agents. The real estate job description also includes the fact that there are different areas of real estate and any person can choose which one suits him or her best.

You can also choose to train and instruct new real estate agents or open your own business and be a manager. It all depends on your work experience and the abilities that you have.

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