Recruiting a talented workforce is one of the most important and cost-effective measures that a company will take. It is very costly to hire and train a new employee. A recruiter is a key part of the puzzle to recruit the right kind of talent in the first place and find someone who is committed to the company. This recruiter job description will cover the basic responsibilities and expectations of a recruiter and what their essential skills are.

What Does a Recruiter Do?

If you have ever been on LinkedIn or received an invitation to interview for an open position, this was probably a recruiter. In addition to proactively searching for candidates who may be a good fit, the recruiter will analyze job openings to see what characteristics would be ideal for that job. Also, they need to interviews applicants, conduct reference and background checks, and provide essential training for new employees.

recruiter job description

The recruiter job salary is $58,350. They require a bachelor’s degree. In addition, as far as the HR recruiter resume goes, experience is preferable. However, it does not have to be in human resources. Any experience in a customer-facing position can allow a candidate to acquire the intangible skills that make for a successful recruiter.

Recruiter Job Description for Resume – Responsibilities

The following HR recruiter roles and responsibilities are just a sampling of what a recruiter job description may list as being important. Consider using the bulleted list below as a starting point for developing your customized HR recruiter resume.

  • Collaborate with the HR team to develop a successful recruiting plan.
  • Have an active presence on social media to proactively identify potential candidates.
  • Attend exhibits and trade shows to connect with the industry. In addition, you should stay current on the latest trends.
  • Screen and conduct initial interviews with candidates.
  • Arrange the travel for candidates who are coming for an on-site interview.
  • Attend college job fairs and look for college graduates that would fit into entry-level or internship positions.
  • Create and tailor job descriptions.

Recruiter Essential Skills

  • Listening skills. A recruiter can learn a lot from a person by simply listening to them and note how they communicate. This is crucial when there are a large number of candidates for a position.
  • Cultural awareness skills. Recruiters are responsible for upholding the company’s commitment to diversity and inclusiveness. In addition, an HR recruiter must be familiar with the company culture and identify good fits based on this culture.
  • Interpersonal skills. These professionals must be able to effectively communicate and easily build rapport. Trust in relationships is paramount to productive conversations. Additionally, building trust quickly is difficult, and recruiters need to do this to be successful.
  • Record keeping skills. When contacting candidates, calling their reference list, or conducting background checks, recruiters must effectively organize, archive, and locate records when necessary.

How to Become a Recruiter

People who are interested in becoming a recruiter need a bachelor’s degree. This field is normally in human resources or labor and employment relations. A head recruiter should have prior experience. However, it is possible to start in an entry-level position.

Education & Training Requirements

Students who think they are interested in becoming an HR recruiter should focus on positions that build their interpersonal communication skills. These are paramount to success in the job. However, a bachelor’s degree a must for virtually all recruiter positions. As mentioned above, human resources or labor and employment relations is a typical choice. In addition, companies that staff their own human resources department will remain interested in a candidate who has an education with their particular field.

Luckily, you don’t need any licenses or certificates to practice as a human resource specialist. However, optional certificates are offered by the Society for Human Resource Management. In addition, it is possible for a recruiter job description to actually require a certificate offered by this society. Certificates help to standardize a set of skills, and thus expectations.

Work Experience

Recruiters need a certain level of experience to show evidence of their ability to communicate and quickly build relationships. In addition, this experience should have prepared the recruiter to work with various computer software and have an effective social media presence.

If a student has recently graduated college, they can start as an assistant or novice recruiter. In this role, they will likely work under a more experienced recruiter and start off their career in an apprenticeship model. Once a few years of employment has occurred, they will often transition to roles with greater responsibilities. Job advancement is possible to the position of human resources manager for those individuals who have the right combination of education and experience.

Work Schedules

There were approximately 482,000 recruiter positions in the 2014 work year. These professionals worked in employment services, government, technical services, healthcare, or manufacturing. In addition, those who work for an employment service company will likely screen candidates for several different companies.

Travel is part of the recruiting specialist job description in addition to full-time hours. A small study found that the average number of hours that HR recruiters work is 55.

Career Prospects

The HR field is expected to grow 5 percent through the year 2024. More and more recruiters will work for centralized agencies. That’s because companies look to outsource their human resources department. Therefore, an individual who can learn quickly and become comfortable talking about many different companies in a short time span will be desirable.

Technology will impact the HR recruiter job description. This is partially due to the expenses that come with traveling to various job fairs or college campuses. While this face-to-face communication will always be an important part of the hiring process, companies are increasingly using software and screening devices to reduce the amount of work that a recruiter has to do. The median recruiter job salary in the 2014 year was $58,350.


This recruiter job description has covered several different aspects of being a recruiter. These people have an essential role for a business. Interestingly, they will likely not even work for the company for which they are recruiting. In fact, that is the fundamental difference between them and a Human Resources employee. Identifying and getting the right talent through the hiring process is an essential skill for a successful recruiter.

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