If you've been to a successful restaurant or resort you know how important having a competent restaurant manager is. They are the mortar that holds an entire breakfast lunch or dinner time together for their guests and the staff that surround them. The general manager has the utmost faith in their managers, because in essence, they are an extension of themselves or even the business owner. But for those interested, what makes up a restaurant manager job description?

What Does a Restaurant Manager Do?

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Restaurant managers are working closely with all of the restaurant's teams at any given point in time. They know it's impossible to be in all places at once, and yet they try. This is the part of a restaurant manager job description that they don't tell you about. They also train their staff to be their eyes and ears, making sure that all of the restaurant's personnel adhere to the highest standards of service. A typical shift includes:

Opening the Restaurant or Transitioning

During Service

During Down Time

Closing Up Shop

Long Term Strategy Considerations

Food and Beverage Stock Communication

What Are the Qualifications?

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Restaurant mangers must be able to wear many different hats, display leadership qualities, and also be excellent communicators. One never knows what kinds of people populate the service industry. Being able to navigate the sometimes murky waters of professional interaction is key. Here, we'll take a look at what makes an effective restaurant manager and how one can go above and beyond the call of duty.

Deep Culinary Knowledge


Many Years of Experience in Service

The Perfect Restaurant Manager Job Description

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If you're looking for what you might typically see as a restaurant manager job description, refer to the example we've provided below:

We are looking for a rockstar manager that's both a team player and a leader. Our ideal candidate has at least 5 years of experience both as a manager and in the service industry. Customer service expertise is also a must. Additionally our ideal candidate has extensive food and wine knowledge, computer skills, the ability to manage time well, and is great at managing finances.

On top of this you've got to be great to work with. You've got to relate to just about anyone and inspire our staff to trust you and excel at what they do. Our culture is that we're one big family. We're not afraid to be open and honest about exactly what's going on and what needs to be done. Because of this, interpersonal communication mastery is preferred. If you think this describes you and you're ready to learn what makes this restaurant special, apply today! We look forward to receiving your resume.


We hope that now you have the knowledge you need to see how you could become or work to become a manager based on our restaurant manager job description. It's not for everybody and there can be moments that are difficult and even emotional depending on the circumstances.

 But if you have a passion for providing amazing dining experiences and can command the floor of a restaurant with ease and grace, then this is the career path for you. Now you're armed with the perfect restaurant manager job description. So you know exactly what to expect. Good luck!

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