Secretaries provide a crucial service to an office. They are in charge of the management of important day-to-day tasks. Without a secretary, many offices and other places of business would not function properly or smoothly. Here, we will look at the secretary job description. But first, let's talk about what a secretary is, by definition.

Secretary Definition

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A secretary is a person who manages the work of the office, whether this is clerical or administrative in nature. Secretaries help in keeping tasks in the office moving smoothly, with minimal delays or disruptions. The secretary is the face and voice of the office or business, as the secretary is often the person who is first seen (at the front desk) or heard (on the telephone).

Secretary Need

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There is a need for secretaries. Secretaries perform important tasks that assist managers or bosses in performing their job efficiently. Because assisting is such a big part of a secretary's job, a secretary may also be referred to as an office assistant or an administrative assistant

Growth of the Field


Secretary Job Description

We have discussed the definition of and need for secretaries. Now let's discuss the secretary job description. This section includes prerequisites or requirements for the job and the duties or tasks preformed.














Secretaries fill a much-needed role in the working world today. They help keep the workplace running smoothly. Some of the tasks they are required to perform may be behind the scenes, such as managing supplies or logging payments, while other tasks are in the forefront of the workplace. They may serve as a greeter both in person and on the telephone. They may serve as the first impression of the company by directing a client into a meeting area or welcoming a new employee to the building.

One of the most important skills secretaries can have is that of using the written word effectively. Secretaries are often responsible for correspondence with clients, customers, and others in the workplace. Writing, grammar, and punctuation skills are vital in this role. In addition, being skilled in typing quickly is required. Computers are an essential part of the toolkit of the secretary. A secretary must be able to manage documents electronically.

A secretary can have varied and diverse requirements depending upon the industry of employment. Secretaries can have a high school education with skills learned on the job. Secretaries can also have a college education with study specific to the field of employment. A secretary may be asked to greet, organize, document, and manage. No matter what their role, secretaries fill an important requirement.

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