Careers with management functions, significant compensation, and advancement opportunities are not reserved solely for college graduates. Here, we present the best jobs for highschool graduates. Moreover, our criteria use naturally pay figures and consider the supervisory role, the convenience of schedules, and prospects for finding positions.

10. Dispensing Opticians

The dispensing optician job position will see a projected 15% rise in employment through 2026 and the convenient work hours places this occupation on our best jobs for highschool graduates list. Moreover, nearly four out of ten dispensers work in optometrist offices, where work hours are generally standard business and weekdays. Weekend work is more likely for those who work in retail stores.

What does a dispensing optician do: With prescriptions from eye doctors in hand, the dispensing optician provides the eyeglasses or lenses. Customers may undergo fittings for the frames, which involves having their eyes, faces and the distance between their pupils measured. Also, the optician displays and suggest particular styles or frames based on the type of activity, like sports or work.

What annual salary a dispensing optician has: For dispensing opticians, the mean salary stands at $39,070 per year. Meanwhile, the 90th percentile pay is $58,750.

9. Food Service Manager

Among our best jobs for highschool graduates, food service managers have some of the least convenient hours and the most stressful conditions. Restaurants usually have their peak business on evenings and especially weekends. With projected employment increases to reach nine percent by 2026, seekers of food service manager jobs should find available work.

What does a food service manager do: Overseeing the daily operations of the restaurant, cafeteria or other eatery is the call of the food service manager. Responsibilities include ordering inventory, supplies and equipment; personnel decisions, inspection of the establishment, food for safety and sanitation, and promoting a pleasing experience for diners.

What annual salary of a food service manager has: Food service managers enjoy a median salary of $57,250 per year. Moreover, the most well-paid ones can earn in an excess of $90,290.

8. Construction and Building Inspector

Construction and building inspectors make some of the best jobs for highschool graduates because of salary and access to benefits and civil service protections. Though inspectors spend most of their time in the field, their jobs normally occur during weekdays and the daytime hours. You can also look up here more well-paid construction jobs.

What do a construction and building inspector do: Inspectors in the building and construction field examine projects at various stages for compliance with codes and rules. The standards touch upon specifications related to building integrity and safety, zoning requirements and, in some jurisdictions, appearance, and conditions. Some may concentrate on particular job phases, such as plumbing, structural and electrical. Construction and building inspection also involve determinations of when a building or project is complete and ready for occupancy or use.

What annual salary a construction and building inspector has: Construction and building inspectors enjoy an average salary of $59,090 every year.

7. Police Officer

Highschool graduates can qualify for police jobs. However, in locations with many applicants on a regular basis, a college or other post-secondary degree enhances employability. Those with only a high school diploma stand a better chance in especially rural areas and where demand is otherwise high.

What does a police officer do: In law enforcement, police officers investigate, issue citations, arrest those accused of crimes and report incidents. Public safety functions include traffic and crowd control, helping in rescues and facilitating evacuations. Officers interview witnesses, interrogate suspects and analyze evidence.

What annual salary a police officer has: Police officers fetch on a mean basis $64,490 per year. The pay for the top ten percent earners eclipses $100,610.

6. Postmaster and Mail Superintendent

The postmaster or mail superintendent represents one of those management occupations that highschool graduates can achieve. With the status of leader also comes a fairly hefty salary that puts this job among our best jobs for highschool graduates. However, the lack of turnover along with diminishing use of postal delivery makes these jobs difficult to land.

What does a postmaster do: A postmaster enforces postal rules in a particular area and manages the post office. Customers question them on matters such as late or misdirected mail and rates for services. The management role lies in staffing and assignment of counter workers, mail carriers, and sorters.

What annual salary of a postmaster has: The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports an annual salary at $75,660 for postmasters and mail superintendents. Pay for the highest-earning ones can exceed $92,340.

5. Insurance Sales Agent

The best jobs for highschool graduates include those which offer the availability of self-employment. This describes insurance agents, of which 18% fall in the category of self-employed workers. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in the field should rise by ten percent through 2026. This is despite the internet which allows customers with time to research for their own insurance products.

What does an insurance sales agent do: The insurance sales agent does not merely market and encourage customers to buy policies. Services rendered by an insurance agent include the collection of premiums and filing claims on behalf of policyholders. As well as answering questions about the policy. As part of the sales role, agents may discuss a customer’s current insurance needs.

What annual salary and insurance sales agent has: At a mean salary of $66,990 per year and a 90th percentile figure of $125,190. While insurance sales agents are one of the highest paid groups of workers who do not need more than a high school diploma. For a similar position, check out the real estate agent job description.

4. Elevator Installer and Repairer

This occupation requires physical stamina, dexterity and the ability to read technical plans and execute them mechanically. However, this job pays very well considering that a highschool diploma is the main educational prerequisite.

What does an elevator installer and repairer do: Assembly, maintenance and fixing of elevator and escalators require careful reading of plans and blueprints. These skilled tradespeople test the equipment to ensure its proper operation, including emergency stops. To repair the equipment, the installer or repairer may have to disassemble numerous intricate parts to get at the root of the problem.

What annual salary an elevator installer and repairer has: The median pay for an elevator installer and repairer registers at $77,130 each year. The top ten percent of earners make more than $115,880 per year.

3. First-Line Supervisor of Non-Retail Sales Worker

According to O*NET, nearly one out of every five of these workers obtained their jobs while holding just a high school diploma. As with many of the best jobs for highschool graduates, salaries approaching or exceeding six figures accompany the management experience of these employees.

What does a first-line supervisor of non-retail sales worker do: Non-retail sales workers provide product information and service to non-consumer purchasers of goods. First-line supervisors select, teach, direct and evaluate the salesforce in increasing sales of inventory and equipment. Also, they help resolve complaints by customers, hold salespeople accountable for meeting sales goals, and plan and monitor budgets.

What annual salary a first-line supervisor of non-retail sales workers has: The median yearly salary for this position stands at $83,370. While one out of ten of these supervisors exceeding earnings of $143,140 per year.

2. Commercial Pilot

With a highschool diploma, aspiring pilots can pursue a career in the air. This offering to the best jobs for highschool graduates list involves substantial earnings potential. But requires considerable training and skilled handling instruments in dealing with sometimes harsh weather conditions.

What does a commercial pilot do: Commercial pilots differ from airline pilots in that they generally must hold a bachelor’s degree. Unlike airline pilots, the commercial pilots usually transport cargo or their own staffs or personnel. Pilots must attend to the plains condition and operate instruments especially when the weather makes visual flight difficult.

What annual salary a commercial pilot has: The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a mean salary of $89,350 for commercial pilots. At the 90th percentile level, pay exceeds $106,990.

1. Transportation, Storage and Distribution Managers

Even with employment growth of 9% by 2026, transportation and similar managers rank among the best jobs for highschool graduates due to the high pay. Job prospects may prove best with delivery services carrying goods and equipment. With many documents transmitted digitally and electronically, demand may decline for many overnight delivery services.

What does a transportation manager do: In conformity with laws and company policies, transportation managers coordinate and direct the delivery of items or people, depending on the business. While duties include oversight of dispatch, inspection of the vehicles and site, and correction of safety hazards. As well as ensuring that drivers keep records required by applicable carrier laws.

What annual salary a transportation manager has: Transportation managers earn on a mean basis $100,740 per year. While those in the 90th percentile making more than $156,710.


Finally, this list of best jobs for highschool graduates represents office, regulatory, leadership and technical arenas. Many of these jobs offer a median annual salary reaching into five and even six figures. With some offering prospects for a more normal business hour schedule to afford personal weekend and evening times. Please share with us your salary and work experience if you got a job right after your highschool graduation.