The delivery driver job description covers all the necessary information one needs to have in order to get the big picture regarding the job attributions and responsibilities that this professional has to perform. Depending on the particularities and specifications of different job positions, some tasks may differ from others, but this depends on the type of products that are delivered and on the company’s policies and procedures.

What Does a Delivery Driver Professional Do?

A delivery driver should be able to drive and operate a delivery vehicle even when dealing with bad weather, traffic and road conditions. There are safety standards and DOT (department of transportation) regulations that delivery drivers have to follow regardless of the type of products or services they have to deliver.

There are several types of delivery drivers out there. Some have to move furniture around, while others have to deliver different packages on time, and so forth. The furniture delivery driver job description and the food delivery driver job description will have similar attributions even if the main difference lies in the things these drivers have to bring to the destination.

Delivery Driver Job Description for Resume – Responsibilities

  • Distribute different products to companies and clients.
  • Deliver products on time following specific rules, schedule, and routes.
  • Know how to operate different delivery vehicles depending on the particularities of the job.
  • Collect payments and handle packages with care.
  • Offer accurate information about the time of arrival and about the shipped products.
  • Ensure ongoing communication with clients and route dispatchers.
  • Call clients to confirm deliveries.
  • Load and unload different products.
  • Keep logs of the work activities and tasks.
  • Check to see if the packages and vehicle are in order.

Delivery Driver Job Required Skills

Problem-solving Skills. A delivery driver will have to solve clients’ requests and complaints in a timely fashion while respecting the company’s guidelines, therefore, problem-solving skills are a must.

Organizational Skills. This professional must be able to organize his time in a way to be able to arrive on time at a certain location for loading and unloading different packages. He must have an analytical mind and the capacity to prioritize, as well as be capable to make decisions fast. Also, he will need to fill out logs and reports on a daily basis due to the particularities of the job.

Field Knowledge. A knowledge of DOT regulations and ability to follow these regulations and typical safety standards are mandatory. As well as an ability to drive under harsh traffic and weather conditions; and an in-depth knowledge of different routes and shortcuts. This professional must also have financial skills for when he needs to collect payments or handle different billing issues.

Communication Skills. The delivery driver must have good communication skills and must prove to be professional when it comes to handling both positive and negative feedback from clients and companies. As well as to comprehend and respect clients’ specifications when it comes to handling and delivering different packages.

How to Become a Delivery Driver Professional

Becoming a delivery driver isn’t hard, and even though previous work experience will always be a plus, it isn’t a mandatory requirement (it usually depends on the company). However, one has to be a great driver and know how to handle different types of vehicles under bad weather conditions. A high school degree or an equivalent, as well as a valid driver’s license, will be mandatory for this job position.

Education & Training Requirements

All companies and employers ask for a high school degree or an equivalent. Other driving certifications are also welcome and they do make a difference when it comes to the hiring process and all that it implies. What is most important to have in order to qualify for this job is a valid driver’s license.

Companies train new delivery drivers on the job, that might include driving training with a driver-mentor. He needs to make sure that the new driver is able to operate the car safely on crowded streets. Also, new drivers might get training to learn company policies about deliveries and returns, taking payments, and what to do with damaged goods.

Delivery drivers must learn detailed information about the products they offer, while the hiring company might teach them proper sales techniques, such as how to approach potential new customers.

Work Experience

One can get a job as a delivery driver even if they do not have previous work experience. However, any delivery driver job description will include details regarding the necessary abilities and skills that are associated with this job.

There are many companies and employers that ask for previous work experience because this job is demanding and at times it can get difficult and stressful. Abilities and skills really have to match the job requirements and the resume must be flawless in order to catch the employer’s attention.

Work Schedules

Delivery drivers usually work daytime hours and have to follow a typical time schedule and a route that is based on the client’s and company’s requests. Time is of the essence and all deliveries have to be loaded and unloaded following tight deadlines and a strict schedule.

Career Prospects

Delivery drivers with no previous work experience will have to settle for a modest salary. Whereas experienced delivery drivers can become trainers, driving instructors or part of the managing staff if they have worked years in this field.

The median delivery driver salary depends on many things, like location, work experience, specific tasks, and requirements. The hourly salary for a delivery driver is usually $13.80, making about $40,229 per year. The best-paid jobs in this field are hazmat, CDL, and deliveries that involve fragile or confidential packages.


Anyone can become a delivery driver and what’s best about this job position is the fact that any delivery driver can climb up the work ladder if his or her abilities, work experience, and outstanding professionalism make them stand out from the crowd. If you want to know more about a job that also requires driving of vehicles and handling of packages, you can read the forklift operator job description.