An office administrator handles both the clerical and administrative sectors of the job. They must go through various office procedures required by the company or employer. Sometimes, the office administrator will monitor and supervise new staff members in order to make sure they adhere to the company’s policies and get accustomed to the workflow and their colleagues easier. Our office administrator job description will detail below all the skills and requirements associated with this job.

What Does an Office Administrator Do?

office administrator job description

Most of the times, the person with the office administrator job description will have to come up with office systems, change what doesn’t work, as well as adapt to different situations, depending on the job requirements. The same office administrator will handle the managers’ and employees’ needs in a professional manner. In addition, the office administrator job description requires multitasking and stress resistance regarding different tasks at hand.

Office Administrator Job Description for Resume – Responsibilities

  • Handle phone calls and emails in a friendly, helpful manner.
  • Deal with visitors, clients and staff inquiries in a timely fashion.
  • Take care of administrative and clerical tasks required by the company’s policies and guidelines.
  • Create, adjust and control the filing systems.
  • Use the Office Pack on a daily basis.
  • Write letters and emails to different departments and clients;
  • Schedule and attend meetings and conferences;
  • Keep logs, fill out reports, sort and prioritize correspondence.
  • Handle appointments and inbound and outbound mail.
  • Provide the necessary support and help to the staff and managers.
  • Manage invoicing and the company’s budget.
  • Know and manipulate statistical data.

Required Office Administrator Skills

The following qualities and skills are crucial for any office administrator, so they can properly handle their daily work challenges:

Communication Skills. A good office administrator must have great verbal communication skills in order to be able to maintain a good working relationship both with the other staff and managers. As well as good written communications skills since they handle most of the emails and letters in the office.

Field Knowledge. In-depth knowledge of statistical software and Office Pack is crucial to the office administrator job description. This professional must also prove good numerical skills, and be able to transfer information from spreadsheets, files, documents to computer systems.

Problem Solving Skills. This employee acts as a liaison between other departments, clients, guests, and managers. They must handle routine tasks and office related responsibilities in a proper way. As well as be capable of working without monitoring or receiving guidelines.

Organizational Skills. This professional must have great time management and organizational skills, as well as be detail oriented. They must be able to devise time schedules to meet deadlines in a timely fashion. As well as arrange travel accommodation for the company’s employees.

How to Become an Office Administrator Professional

Becoming an office administrator is not as hard as one might think. But there are some requirements that need to be met. There will be employers that will want formal qualifications, while others are more interested in previous work experience in a related job position or work field. Organizational, clerical, administrative and time management skills will definitely come in handy for the person planning to become an office administrator.

Education & Training Requirements

The office administrator job description refers to persons that have at least a high school diploma or an equivalent. There are some companies that prefer an associate degree or a higher certificate. But with so many authorized workshops and different certificates available, one can choose a specialization that will help them polish the set of skills associated with that of an office administrator.

The office administrator job description focuses on the administrative side of this job. There are other requirements that an individual has to take care of, but the administrative side is the main side. This entails organizing information and taking care of different client inquiries. And sometimes even delegating tasks to new employees or people that come for job interviews.

Work Experience

The office administrator job description entails past experience with working under pressure, meeting tight deadlines, and handling several projects and tasks at the same time. Having some insight on the job can make a difference. Also, it can help this professional come up with a relevant, accurate resume to impress their future employer.

Since the office administrator job description implies some stress and challenging projects, some companies will look for people with previous job experience. These employers usually seek to hire persons with two or more years of related work experience. Meanwhile, other companies are interested in an individual’s set of skills and abilities more than previous job experience. Therefore, having the right qualifications for the job is more important than having worked as an office administrator in the past.

Work Schedules

This work is office-based, and this employee is expected to work full-time hours during weekdays, typically between 35 to 40 hours. Also, there are some cases when the office administrator, depending on the company, will have to travel or move around town for different documents or paperwork. But most activities and work-related tasks will take place at the office.

Career Prospects

There is always a high chance of promotion when it comes to being an office administrator. It’s important to note that office administrators that work in law firms, in medical centers or other institutions should have a background that matches the profile of their job. These persons need to have at least a basic knowledge of medicine, law or any other field they have to deal with on a regular basis.

An office administrator is already in charge of different administrative tasks, training or monitoring newly hired staff. Therefore, with so many skills and requirements that an office administrator has to possess, it’s only natural that being promoted is a certainty. The median salary of an office administrator is $15.95 per hour or $44,215 per year in the U.S. Moreover, this sum varies depending on the job requirements, location and work experience of the employee.


Finally, we are confident our office administrative job description offered you a clear overview of how to qualify for this job. As well as how to improve for a potential application. Also, keep in mind the best-paid office administrator jobs are the ones that require Human Resources, medical, financial, business, and judicial skills. For more information, you can read more about similar jobs like office assistant, or administrative assistant.