There are plenty of useful things that one can find out from an accurate security officer job description. There are specific requirements and duties that a security officer has to take care of and some of these duties might imply some risks at times. A security officer is also known as a protective agent. Even if there are some differences when it comes to the daily routine and requirements of each and every security officer job position, the main job attributions stay the same.

What Does a Security Officer Professional Do?

The job description for security officer focuses on what a security officer has to do on a daily basis. A security officer has to patrol the premises and make sure that everything is alright. As well as make sure that the personnel and guests that are on the premises are safe. Sometimes, a security officer is required to check if the equipment is in order and he or she has to have some basic knowledge of how some types of equipment work or function.

A security officer must welcome and register all the guests that want to gain access to a certain facility or company. The same goes for vehicles that want to enter the facility or area that a security officer has to patrol.

Security Officer Job Description for Resume – Responsibilities

  • Inspect the premises, equipment, buildings, access areas, and access permits.
  • Report unusual activities and suspicious behavior.
  • Keep a log with details worth mentioning.
  • Observe things and people around the areas of surveillance and near access points.
  • Know how to perform first aid techniques.
  • Complete reports in accordance with the company’s requirements and guidelines.
  • Act in accordance with the laws of the state one resides and works in.
  • Always make sure the environment is safe and secure.
  • Handle video cameras, surveillance equipment, and alarm systems in an efficient way.

Security Officer Job Required Skills

Field Knowledge. A security officer must have an in-depth knowledge of local laws, rules, and regulations. He must also attend Certified Protection Officer (CPO) training sessions and obtain a valid certification.

Psychological skills. These skills are necessary in order to easily identify dangerous situations and people. Security officers have to quickly analyze a person’s gestures and behavior and to assess if this person poses a threat or not. They also must have good communication and observational skills, as well as high emotional control.

Surveillance skills. This person must possess organizational and time management skills and must secure the premises. As well as evaluate situations and people and make sure that everything is in order.

Problem-solving skills. The security officer job description implies knowing how to handle difficult people and difficult situations. Also, having the capacity to handle some technical issues, and a basic knowledge of operating and maintaining different types of equipment.

How to Become a Security Officer Professional

A relevant security officer job description will let one know exactly what set of skills a person needs to have in order to apply for such a job position. Becoming a security officer is no easy feat and it all depends on a person’s willingness to learn all there is to know about safety measures and to be prepared to help others even if this means risking one’s own safety.

Most companies hire people even without previous work experience because training will be provided either way. However, there are certain skills, qualifications, and abilities that employers take an interest in. Therefore, one’s security officer job description resume must highlight observational skills and ability to handle stressful, dangerous situations.

Education & Training Requirements

All security officer job positions require a high school diploma. A postsecondary degree or a certificate that is relevant to this job position is also welcome. Apart from these, one needs a state registration, a licensure for firearms and training that attests that one is a certified protection officer.

More training is offered on the job and it focuses on teaching how to keep the equipment in order, how to react in different dangerous situations, how to prevent dangerous events from happening and how to maintain a safe environment for all the people on the premises.

Work Experience

Mostly any security officer job description will encourage people to apply for this position even if they don’t have any work experience. Most companies and employers don’t ask for previous work experience but there are certain requirements that one has to meet in order to get this job.

Training courses and certifications are usually provided by the employer and they are mandatory in order to get the job and start working as a security officer.

Work Schedules

The working schedule for a security officer professional is in shifts of 8 hours, or longer, with rotating schedules. They can sometimes work odd hours and night shifts, as well as holidays.

Career Prospects

The security officer job description also focuses on offering information about different career paths in this work environment. A security officer can become a trainer or can manage other security officers that are at the beginning of their careers.

Some security officers can be recruited by the military for different projects based on their work performance and abilities. While other security officers can become bodyguards for different celebrities. There are a few choices of moving up on the career ladder based on one’s preferences.

The median salary for a security officer is $11.90 per hour, meaning a median annual pay of $36,472, according to Payscale. There are some differences depending on one’s location, abilities, job duties and work experience. But usually, the salary tends to fluctuate around this sum.


For needing just a high-school diploma and only some training, this job position has a pretty good salary to offer. However, that is due to sometimes long hours, night shifts and the risks of the job. If you care about the safety of other people you can definitely get a job as a security officer. Moreover, it interested in getting a related job in this field, you can also check out the security guard job description.