Companies that deliver physical products like Amazon, Staples, Walmart, or Wayfair need employees who can work on the warehouse floor and prepare their products for shipping to the appropriate destination. These professionals have to collaborate with the warehouse floor clerks and the forklift operators to ensure a safe and efficient work environment. This warehouse worker job description will cover the skills needed and responsibilities expected, the education and experience requirements, a typical work schedule, and the job outlook for this profession.

Most people have a pretty good idea of what these workers do. But what about the process and requirements to actually become one in the first place.

What Does a Warehouse Worker Do?

Without warehouse workers, the goods and material that needed moving around would simply sit still! Machines could do a lot of the major moving, but would have a hard time knowing what to ship together or how to package it safely. Therefore, the main warehouse worker job responsibility revolves around processing and shipping orders out to customers. Underlying this responsibility are the processes of retrieving the order from the computer system or clerk and packaging the materials appropriately. In addition, they need to record what shipped, keep the warehouse floor clean, and take stock of floor inventory.

what does the warehouse worker job description imply

The typical warehouse worker job description will show that a high school diploma is required. In addition, they need to have solid mental math skills to perform computations quickly. While some companies prefer prior experience, it is possible to gain entry-level employment. The median warehouse worker salary is $24,900, but this is industry specific.

Warehouse Worker Job Description for Resume – Responsibilities

Several different industries need warehouse workers. While their actual responsibilities may differ slightly in the warehouse worker job description, the list below is a good starting point for building an enticing resume that employers will respond positively to.

  • Unload materials that get delivered by various forms of transportation and inventory these products.
  • Work with the warehouse clerk to retrieve orders and any special instructions.
  • Properly package materials inside the shipping boxes and protect these boxes as necessary.
  • Assemble boxes on a pallet so the forklift operator can easily move these boxes.
  • Keep accurate records of inventory through the use of various computer software.
  • Keep warehouse floor organized and free of obstacles to ensure a safe working environment.
  • Maintain personal safety through the use of necessary protection gear such as bright vests and eyeglasses.

Warehouse Worker Required Skills

  • Physical stamina skills. These professionals need to be able to stand for the majority of the workday and move potentially heavy boxes on a regular basis. Therefore, they must have the endurance for this type of work.
  • Communication skills. The warehouse floor or stocking department can be a very chaotic place. Speaking loudly and clearly can ensure that those around you understand the tasks you are working on.
  • Listening skills. The warehouse worker will receive orders from the warehouse floor manager. In addition, they need to be able to focus on the orders given.
  • Ethical skills. Warehouse workers are surrounded by products. They must be able to work without stealing products or being dishonest about what they take.

How to Become a Warehouse Worker

A majority of warehouse worker jobs require a high school diploma or the equivalent. Therefore, there is no formal experience required as part of the warehouse worker job description. However, those with less experience may undergo more extensive training or will have partners, specifically with a more experienced warehouse worker.

Education & Training Requirements

Theoretically, there is no required experience to be a warehouse worker. However, in reality, most employers will want to hire someone who has their high school diploma. Earning this diploma shows a degree of persistence in achieving a milestone and dictates a certain level of aptitude with simple math problems.

When a person gets hired as a warehouse worker, they will undergo some level of on-the-job-training. This depends on the position and how much relevant experience the person has had. The most important document that these new workers will encounter is from the Occupational Safety & Health Administration. However, much of their training will revolve around demonstrating that they can perform tasks safely on their own. When the trainer feels they can work independently, their training is complete.

There is no required certificate to be a warehouse worker. However, if these professionals also want to be able to operate the machinery or drive trucks around the yard, then they will need their CDL or large machinery license.

Work Experience

Some job descriptions or vacancies will request that a warehouse worker has a couple of years of experience. However, it is definitely possible to find these positions without needing any experience. Even without prior work experience, the right candidate can show they possess the required qualities to be an excellent employee through some creative thinking.

For example, many employers will want to hire someone that is dependable and reliable. If you do not have work experience, can you think of another time you were dependable? Maybe it is shown through an excellent attendance record at school or full participation in a volunteer capacity.

However, they need experience to advance to the position of lead warehouse worker or supervisor. This experience will give insight into understanding the warehouse worker job description and will allow one to practice their leadership and management skills.

Work Schedules

The work schedule is highly dependent on where these professionals are employed. The majority of warehouse workers will work full-time. However, part-time employment is possible. Shift work is how the majority of them will get their hours and it is not uncommon to have to work overnight or weekend hours. This is especially true in the era of online shopping. With the click of a button, a customer can order something at any time, day or night. Many companies promise a certain shipping speed and warehouse workers need to be there to quickly package the materials. In addition, you can expect overtime hours which can significantly increase earnings.

Career Prospects

The job growth for warehouse workers should increase 5 percent through the year 2024. This is as fast as the average for all jobs. However, when breaking it down by industry, you can see that some industries will experience a faster growth than others. Those who work in the automotive industry will see 10 percent growth while warehouse workers who hand pack materials or products will only see a 2 percent increase. Finally, warehouse workers whose job revolves around putting products into various machines will experience a 3 percent decline in the number of openings. That’s because more and more functions become automated.

Most of the job openings will come through the retirement of people who are currently warehouse workers. However, economic growth will also create some brand new positions.


Warehouse workers need to be able to work on their feet for extended periods of time. They will be packaging, moving, and preparing materials to ship. One of the most appealing parts of this job is that it doesn’t require formal education beyond high school and minimal experience required. If you enjoy a job where you are constantly busy and getting to stay active, then this could be a great career choice!