The HR Generalist job description includes the skills, abilities, and requirements associated with this job position. The Human Resources Generalist also oversees the distribution of benefits, compensation, and bonuses among employees. An HR generalist also analyzes how the organizational development and the human resources policies are implemented inside the company. After going through our guide, you will know everything you need to know about an HR generalist’s career path and education requirements.

What Does an HR Generalist Do?

This thorough HR generalist job description also focuses on the daily tasks that a Human Resources Generalist usually has. Here’s all you need to know in a nutshell. The HR Generalist is in charge with monitoring the HR staff and the job also implies other duties such as handling the department’s information systems, the hiring process, defending the employee’s rights, overseeing the training process and so on.

HR Generalist Job Description for Resume – Responsibilities

  • Create and introduce human resources policies and strategies.
  • Manage the HR staff and oversee the hiring process.
  • Focus on staffing, talent acquisition, and retention.
  • Create a safe environment for all employees.
  • Know the rules and regulations associated with the HR policies.
  • Handle compensation, maternity leaves, welfare, and health benefits.
  • Communicate on a regular basis with all the departments within the company.
  • Decide with other departments about promotions and bonuses.
  • Take care of personnel transactions and traveling arrangements.
  • Develop an efficient filing system and records management.
  • Collect, analyze employees’ and company’s information to facilitate communication.
  • Recommend different courses of action depending on employees’ actions and productivity.
  • Assure that the employee training and development sessions are updated constantly.
  • Be transparent and compliant to the labor laws.
  • Offer pertinent solutions to different problems that employees might face.
  • Coach, train, advise employees and managers.
  • Be transparent, understanding, professional and focus on solving problems and conflicts.

Required HR Generalist Skills

Communication Sills. This professional must possess excellent communication skills, both verbal and oral. They must be able to apply counseling skills when employees need it the most as well as interact with all types of people. They collaborate with different teams and must develop positive working relationships with their colleagues.

Management Skills. The HR Generalist professional must prioritize tasks and manage several projects at once. They must also set meetings, schedules and have a pro-active attitude. It’s also their duty to supervise and manage the entire HR department and fulfill transactions in a timely fashion.

Field Knowledge. Explore new strategies and HR techniques to come up with original solutions also enters into this professional’s job description. They must also have an in-depth knowledge regarding the local legal requirements and legislation. As well as analyze data, use statistics, screening and have headhunting skills. It is also their responsibility to train new HR employees and monitor their activities, as well as handle all Human Resources issues promptly.

Leadership Skills. The HR Generalist job description also entails being able to coordinate work activities and ensure that workers in the department complete their duties and fulfill their responsibilities. Therefore they must clearly communicate information and instructions to their staff and other employees. Moreover, this professional must exhibit leadership skills and practice leadership coaching in the managing department.

How to Become an HR Generalist Professional

Due to the complexity of the HR generalist job description, there are many requirements that you have to fulfill in order to get hired for this job position. A bachelor’s degree in the Human Resources field is mandatory, but having a master’s degree is preferred by most companies nowadays. Apart from the professional certification, one needs to have previous work experience in the field in order to land the HR generalist job position.

Education & Training Requirements

All companies and employers require a Bachelor’s Degree in a Human Resources related field. In addition, those that hold a Master’s degree in this field have better chances of getting hired as an HR generalist.

Moreover, certifications in management and leadership are also more than welcome, especially when it comes to such a multifaceted job like the one of an HR generalist.

Work Experience

Just like any job description that implies management and supervision, newcomers aren’t really ready for it. Therefore, the HR generalist job description requires an extensive work experience. Therefore, if you have been part of the Human Resources department for quite a while and you have proved yourself, the company can decide to promote you to the HR generalist job title.

But there are many cases in which you need to have a proven record of having managed an HR team or department if you are aiming to get this job. Although it is quite challenging to be an HR generalist, as long as you cover all the sets of skills and abilities required for the job and have previous work experience the chances look good.

Work Schedules

Human resources generalists typically work the regular office hours of 9 to 5, however, some of them, particularly recruitment specialists, might need to travel in order to attend different events such as job fairs, visit college campuses, respectively meet with applicants.

Career Prospects

There are many job opportunities and promotions available for those who work as Human Resources generalists. Furthermore, you can advance in the company as an HR Advisor, HR Manager and last but not least, an HR Director.

The incentives and opportunities are countless once you are an HR generalist. The best thing to do is to constantly improve yourself until you obtain a reward for the value you bring to the company and to the department that you handle.

The average salary of an HR generalist is $17.88 hourly, while the median annual salary is around $52,245. In addition, work experience doesn’t have a very big influence on the average salary. Moreover, big companies and the location of the HR generalist impact the salary for this professional more than other factors.


We are sure our HR Generalist job description helped you learn more about what is the necessary work experience and the steps you need to take in order to become an HR generalist. By having this information you can take the best decision about applying for this position. For similar jobs, you can also look at the office administrator and administrative assistant job.